Live & Learn

Daisy's first day home

We brought Daisy home on a Saturday.  She was a tiny 2 1/2 pounds and only 6 weeks old.  For those of you who know about bringing home a puppy – you are surprised.  Only 6 weeks old!?!  Yes.  I cringe when I say it, but it is the truth.

Marcus and I did our best to educate ourselves on choosing the best breed for our lifestyle, buying the right toys, crate and dog food.  Somehow, we missed the literature on choosing a reputable breeder.  Big ops.

We knew to stay away from pet stores and puppy mills, but we did not know about the differences between breeders.

In the end, we unknowingly went with a “backyard” breeder that was more interested in profits than the dogs.  Puppies should not leave their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old.  Daisy was one of 13 puppies and I think the breeder was looking to get rid of the puppies as quickly as possible.  She bred multiple dogs and a few different breeds.  She had a revolving door of puppies.  I now know, all bad signs.

We learned a few weeks after we brought Daisy home that one of her siblings had neurological issues.  The family that had that puppy contacted us, and told us to be cautious about the health of Daisy, based on what their vet had told them.  Daisy seemed fine and we loved her.  I wasn’t worried.

Life was normal for a while. Well, as normal as life with a young puppy can be!  🙂

My first bath.

Her first stuffed animal was the same size she was.

Watch out world, here I come!

I may be little, but I'm tough!

Live and learn.  Daisy was a wonderful dog and we loved her deeply!  But, moving forward, I was MUCH more selective in a breeder for our next puppy.

I found these helpful resources while searching for a breeder for our new puppy.


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