Definition of SECOND-GUESS

transitive verb
: to criticize or question actions or decisions of (someone) often after the results of those actions or decisions are known <meet almost every morning and, over coffee, second–guess the local coach — Bruce Newman>; also: to engage in such criticism of (an action or decision) <second–guess the general’s strategy>
: to seek to anticipate or predict <lived royally by his ability to second–guess the stock market — Time>
Yesterday I found myself second-guessing my decisions.  Not the decision to get Sadie.  Oh, no!  🙂  She is a joy and we are so glad to have her!
I was a second-guesser (#1) during our morning crate training sessions and I was a second-guesser (#2) while researching the dog food issue the vet discussed with me.
I was being a bit neurotic.  I know the importance of getting off to a good start with puppies.  We made a few training mistakes with Daisy and it was a struggle during her adult life to fix those bad habits that were “cute” when she was a puppy. {jumping during a greeting} After talking to a friend last night, I realized I just need to relax and Sadie will develop into a great dog.  (thanks Rochelle!)  Ah, being human!
So, yesterday was a great learning day for Mom.  🙂
Dog Food
After extensive Googling, and a very helpful website (thanks Allison!), I’ve decided to stay with the breeder’s food, Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal and Sweat Potato dog food.  This website is great!

I remember stumbling upon it a while ago and searching Hills Science Diet (Daisy’s food).  It did not get good reviews.  Nature’s Domain is a 4 out of 5 star (highly recommended rating) and it is a very reasonable price at Costco.

I also love this website.

I use it regularly.  It is a great summary of product reviews.  They scour the internet and printed reviews (Consumer Reports) and tell you the best high-end, moderate and economical choices, and it’s free!  I used it yesterday to pick a new electric razor for Marcus!  🙂

Sadie is doing very well on Nature’s Domain and she is growing normally.  I feel there is no reason to make a switch.  Nature’s Domain is an ‘All stages of Life’ dog food with quality ingredients.  The research says quality is the most important consideration in picking a food.  It also clearly explained that ‘all stages’ means all stages.  “Poor” quality dog food makers created puppy formulas because they were skimping on quality nutrients puppies need to grow.  Quality ‘all stages’ dog food has the nutrients puppies need.  You may need to feed a puppy a little more for the extra calories they need and you may need to reduce quantity for senior dogs that are not very active.  I will continue to monitor her growth and make a change if there is a reason to change.

My Editor

Crate Training

Sadie continues to do well in her bedroom crate and she does well when I am in the room.  She does not like when I leave her alone.  I sat in the den and worked on the computer for 45 minutes today after a good outdoor play session.  She was tired, but cried the entire time.  She would calm down for a few seconds, whimper, and then get really loud.  I let her out during a quite moment, but I was hoping she would fall asleep first.  Not yet.

I want to make sure I do not create a “Velcro dog” with separation issues, so I am slowing working with her to build her confidence being alone.  She just left her Mom and siblings and has never really been alone.  I’m home all day.  We spend a lot of time together, which I love.  But, I need to be able to leave the house and know she is safe and happy at home.  (I am training for a half-marathon… that takes time!  🙂 )

I created this safe play area for her that provides more room to play, unsupervised.  I know, it is tall.  LOL!

We had this for Daisy, in a different house, fit for that space and purpose.  It was tall so she couldn’t just jump over & out.  This is just temporary to help build Sadie’s “alone” confidence.

The crate door is open and lets her go into the play area as she wants.

Sleeping peacefully.

When she woke up, I gave her a chewy.  She loves it!  It actually kept her busier longer than the peanut butter toy.

I actually got all the bathrooms cleaned, the house dusted and the upstairs vacuumed!  But, it only lasted a while.  I suspect the vacuum noise was a little scary for her.

We practiced some more while I made dinner.  Good results.

I took the big gate down after dinner (Marcus wanted to actually see the TV, ha).

Today I’m going to focus on giving small treats to reward being quite inside the crate.  I will build my time away and return with a treat.

I discovered she really likes carrots, so I’m going to give her those instead of dog treats because I see needing a lot of rewards!  🙂


1 thought on “Second-Guessing

  1. I love the dogfoodadvisor website. I’ve learned so much from it and actually get excited about what I feed our dog Chewy now!

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