Sleepy Saturday

Sadie loves to spend time with Dad.

Sadie and I lounged around most of the day.  She had little bouts of play, but nothing outside.  It was cold and rainy.  Better snuggle weather than play.

Sadie’s big project was trying to jump up onto the couch by herself.  She even tried a running start, but she just can’t quite make it up.  Of course, we give her a boost, she is allowed on the furniture.  Frankly, I don’t think it even occurred to her that she wouldn’t be allowed.  She immediately tried to gain access to the couch when she first came home.  🙂

As we napped on the couch, I considered that maybe I was over exercising her.  She seemed perfectly happy to be a couch potato today.  She proved me wrong around 6pm.  She woke up and had dinner and was full of energy to burn.  I took her outside and she ran circles around the back yard.  We came into the house and she terrorized her toys for 2 hours.  I took her back outside twice during that period and she did even more sprinting.  Lesson learned… she likes and needs all the outdoor play I have been providing her.  It is currently 8:20 pm and she is zonked out on the couch.  Energy expelled.  Whew.

I feed Sadie her food off of a glass pie dish.  I like using this because it is easier for a puppy to eat off of a low dish, but the sides keep the food in while she pushes it around.  We used a cookie sheet for Daisy, but it was so big, she ended up standing on the sheet and getting food in her paws.

I know potty training is a little early until puppies are about 12 weeks old, but since Sadie knows she is supposed to go outside to potty, I decided to start the training now.  I want to teach her to ring these bells when she needs to go outside. They hang on the door handle and I have her hit them with her nose or paw each time we go out to potty.

Home Is Where the Dog Is

If it takes until she is 12 weeks old (or longer) to really sink in, no harm done.  But, there have been a few times she has tried to tell us she wants to go out, but we missed the signals.  She doesn’t whine, cry or bark.  She moves from one door to another to get let out.  It’s much easier to hear bells!  I will not ring the bells when we go out to play… potty only.  I am going to try to be very consistent.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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