Wanna Go For A Walk!?!

Yesterday I was losing the stick eating battle.  Sadie was more interested in eating sticks than playing with the frisbee or tennis ball.  Not only is that a dangerous habit, but it wasn’t burning off her energy.  I had big plans for her crate training and a better nights sleep, so exercise was a priority.

On the spur of the moment, I decided to put the frisbee in her mouth and see if she would walk on her leash down a few houses.

As you can see, Sadie was excited for this new adventure.

She actually dropped the frisbee after a few houses, but did not pick up anything to replace it.  She was really into the walk, so we continued down the street.  She walks really well on a leash.  She does not pull or lag behind, we walked at a good pace with her crossing a little in front of me.  A great starting point. We ended up walking a square block.

When we returned home, I put Sadie in her crate for a crate training session.  I stuffed her Kong with a slice of frozen banana.  She loved it, and it was a pretty successful session.

We went on two more walks that day with another crate training session in between.

A reward for being quite, I gave Sadie a piece of sweet potato jerky.  She really liked the treat.

I fed Sadie both lunch and dinner in her crate.  We are making good progress.

We were both exhausted around 9pm last night and headed up to bed.  The comfy bed in the full-sized crate went very well last night.  She was a sound sleeper for 4 solid hours.  I actually woke up at 1 am and decided to take her potty, worried about how large the crate was.  She was asleep.  She went potty and I offered her water and she went right back to sleep.  She did wake up at 2:30am.  I took her out because I gave her water… not going to do that tonight.  🙂  She went back to sleep, but woke up around 3am.  I decided (right then and there) that I was training her, she was not going to train me. I knew she really didn’t have to potty and I was comfortable that she is doing well in her crate and responds to my commands.  I told her no and to go to bed.  She did!  She tried to wake me up again a few more times, but quickly responded to my no commands.  At 4:45 she woke me up and I knew she wanted breakfast.  I was laying in bed, thinking, if I don’t nip this in the bud, she’ll push breakfast to 3am!  🙂

I took her potty at 4:45 and put her back to sleep.  She didn’t love it, but went to sleep.  This lasted until 5:15.  Still too early for me.  I told her no, she cried a little, but went back to sleep.  I woke up around 5:45 and decided to wake her up.  I wanted to get up on my terms, not her cries, so I didn’t want to push my luck.

I know this sounds dreadful, but it was actually a very positive night.  I feel more rested today and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I should mention that although Marcus didn’t say anything this morning about the crying, he did turn up the white noise machine at 4:45.  🙂

The weather is supposed to be 60 and sunny today, so Sadie and I are headed out for a nice, long walk.


2 thoughts on “Wanna Go For A Walk!?!

  1. Marco is ringing the bells like crazy and we have not had an accident since. Yea!!!!!! We do go out more often than I would like, but preferable to cleaning up after him. He has done well in the crate… 11 pm to 7 am last night and was quiet when I got up to let him out.He rarely lays in his bed any more, preferring to lay in front of one of the doors on a mat. Two big hits to play with recently: An empty pill bottle ( like 500 Tylenol) with a few rawhides inside rolls really well and takes time to upend to get a stick out and a half gallon milk jug about 1/3 full of water (OUTSIDE/Warm day). The milk jug rolls down hill, splashes water and once it is lighter can be hauled around. pounced on and chewed. He is a very busy boy.

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