Yesterday morning we woke up after a good night’s sleep to discover that the left side of Sadie’s face was swollen.

It continued to swell during the morning.  It was very tender to the touch, too.  By the time we went to the scheduled vet appointment, she looked more like a pit bull puppy, not a springer!

She slept a lot during the day, but she ate normally and played in the snow.  Yes, snow!  Don’t worry, it is melting as I type and it will be 70 on Thursday!  Ha!

After the morning snow play, we went inside and I gave Sadie half a frozen banana.

She loved it!  Yum-O!

The vet appointment went well.  She weighs 10 pounds!  She received her scheduled vaccination shot and got a much-needed evaluation on her facial swelling.  The vet said it looked like muscle swelling only, not bone damage.  He said she may have gotten her muzzle stuck between the crate bars or it was due to the chewing and biting the crate cover.  He gave her a shot to help with the discomfort and swelling.  He also gave me a few pills to give her over the next 3 days.  He said to monitor the swelling, and that it should go down in 24 – 48 hours.  I am happy to report it is 90% better this morning!  Exhale.

He told me to continue with crating her when we leave.  He agreed the cover may have made her more upset than being able to see the entire room.  He suggested we set up a video recorder to tape what she does while we are gone.  We need to determine if she screams the entire time we are gone versus intermittently.  I am going to set up our old-school video recorder and see what happens.  More to come…

Sadie is on the mend and I am hopeful this will work itself out.


3 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Glad to hear she is better and it was nothing too bad. It will be interesting to see what she does on the video tape. She weighs the same as Ellie! How is night potty going? Things are getting better every day on the potty front for us. Now it is more like every 60-90 min until we go out. Today I gave her a plastic water bottle and she LOVED it! It kept her insanely busy. LOL

    • Potty is great! I actually forget and she rings the bells to tell me! We are around 2 hours during the day. Night time is good, but she still gets up twice, about 3 hours into sleep and then 3 hours later. My sister-in-law got a toy that you put an empty water bottle inside. She said its great!

  2. Will be great to find out what is on the video.

    Does she do well with the crate door closed while you are out of sight but in the house? How about with the crate door closed but in the same room? Since she seems to like her crate (3/4th of the battle right there), it sounds like she just needs some separation training. The most important part is that you leaving the room should feel the same as leaving the house. Amazing how perceptive the dogs are to little differences (grabbing shoes, for example).

    One thing you may try is the frozen Kong (of the list of items, I did not see that)? Stuffed with peanut butter and frozen. That will keep a puppy occupied for hours and typically exhausts them.

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