Caught On Tape!

Yesterday was a glorious day!  The weather was amazing and I think we’ve ended the separation stress!

I started out the morning with a play session inside and then we went on a 45 minute walk.

We played a little more in the backyard when we returned home.  Sadie was tired and went into her crate when we got back in the house.  I closed the door and watched a little TV while she fell asleep.  I got up and moved around the house doing some chores.  I also made lunch and ate it!  She watched me, but didn’t cry.  She eventually went back to sleep.  I went upstairs and stayed out of sight for 30 minutes.  Totally quiet downstairs.  She slept.

I let her out and fed her lunch.  We went outside a had a very small play/potty session.  I decided to make a quick trip to the dry cleaners.  I put her in her crate and set up the video camera.  I left the house the way I always do, but I did not shut the garage door.

When I returned 15 minutes later…. quiet.  I found a sleeping dog that was looking at me like, oh, your home?!

I eagerly rewound the tape (yep, tape… our video camera is 10 years old… we never use it!  I had to tape over a Vegas trip because where do I find VHS mini-tapes!  LOL!)  and watched the video…. Sadie slept the entire time, no whining, no crying.  🙂

A friend came over for a visit in the afternoon, and it was a good day for ice cream, so I put Sadie back into her crate and I set the video recorder again.  We were gone for 30 minutes.  This time I went out the front door.  She was quiet when I left and quiet when I returned.  The video evidence… a sleeping dog!  🙂

Around 4pm, Sadie and I wanted to enjoy the glorious weather and went on another 45 minute walk.  Sadie loved the walk and met a number of children who LOVED her!  It was funny to walk by people who didn’t acknowledge Sadie… she looked offended that they didn’t pet her and tell her she was beautiful!  Upon our return to the backyard, Sadie “played” with her neighbor friends through the fence.  We have plans to play in one yard, soon!

I decided to put Sadie in her crate one last time.  I went to the gym for 45 minutes.  Video tape recording.  This time I went out the garage door and closed the door.

She was just waking up when I walked in the door.  Very calm.  Video evidence…. 45 minutes of sleeping.  No crying, no whining!  🙂

I was on cloud nine yesterday and slept so much better… it was like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  I’m not sure what made the change.  I did increase the walk from 30 to 45 minutes.  I did make her crate VERY comfortable.  It used to have just a towel, but when she slept better upstairs on the big comfy dog bed, I decided to put a pillow in her downstairs crate, too.  Maybe it just clicked with her that we do return.  I’m going to continue to tape while I’m out this week, just to make sure yesterday wasn’t a fluke day.  And the 45 minute walks will continue, too!  🙂  It’s supposed to be 76 degrees today… so, we’re off to spend the day outdoors!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!



3 thoughts on “Caught On Tape!

  1. I am so glad it was a great day for her and you! That is awesome. I hope it continues. We were accident free since Saturday, but unfortunately I lost track of time last night while putting the girls to bed and it had been two hours and she went on the floor. Dave was pissed….no pun intended. He has been on me about taking her out, but during the day Ellie and I do well…we worked up to an hour, than 90 minutes and it was my first 2 hour stretch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the ball. My fault. I told him to chill out. Crossing my fingers for no more accidents and that she will get the hang of the bells.

  2. Great news! Evidence of a contented, sleeping dog is very reassuring. Marco is doing great on everything but walks. It does not seem to be a leash issue; he just does not care to leave the property. He walks a few houses & then just sits. He does better when 2 of us walk him, since he wants to keep up with the person not tethered to him. He does great walking in parks and other drive-to destinations. I am going to find someone with an older dog to walk with us a few times & see if that helps. Marco is a bit lethargic today and seems to be bothered by the heat….80-something is a novelty for him. He had a great time playing in a big bowl of water outside.

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