Beginning of Obedience Training

Friday was another successful day with Sadie.  She loves her walks and play sessions.  This is how I found her in the afternoon.  She got tired waiting for me, and curled up next to my shoes!  🙂

Come on, let's go play!

We started some basic obedience training today.  We have not done any formal training for sit, stay, come, etc.

I “loaded” the clicker today and we worked on sit and stay.  Sit is easy for Sadie, she does it automatically.

Good Sit!

I’m not so sure about the clicker tool.  The trainer has it listed in the items to bring to class.  We start formal puppy school at the end of the month.  I’ll let you know if we end up using it.

It was another fun-filled day for us.  During an afternoon nap, Sadie stretched and rolled off the couch onto the floor!  She put her head down and kept sleeping!!!

I’m off to Home Depot.  I’m losing the battle with the stick eater… I need some yard clippings bags and I’m sure I’ll leave with some other goodies. 🙂  I have big plans to clean up the spring debris today!


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