Are Those Teeth or Needles?!

Sadie is teething and loves to try to chew our fingers.  She especially loves Marcus’ fingers!  But, that is because I am much more consistent with saying no and giving her an appropriate toy to chew.  🙂

Her teeth are so sharp!  I can not wait until this phase is done!  Knock on wood – she does not chew anything else that is inappropriate like furniture or clothes.  That’s something.

I know she is uncomfortable, because she whimpers a little when she chews her chewy in the morning.  So, I ran water over this butterfly toy and froze it.  She likes this toy and it held the water well.

Unfortunately, she did not like it frozen.  She played with it for a minute or two and then she walked away.  It started to melt and drip… we took it outside and it just sat in the grass and dried.  She loves it dry – not wet.

Maybe flavor is what she needs?  I tried frozen strawberries.  She loves them out of the fridge.  She was really excited at first, but it seemed like it was too cold for her!  I’m dealing with Goldilocks, here!

Sadie loves to chew wood sticks outside.  I decided to try a celery stick and see if she would like it.

It was a success!  But, a bit messy.  She loved it and spent a while chewing it.  It is a good afternoon chewing snack that lasts a little longer than a carrot.  She likes the Nylabone & Kong, too.  But those are not loved like the edible options!  🙂

Dried sweet potato is another option I feel good about giving Sadie.  They take a while to chew and she loves them.  The only problem is that half the bag is small pieces.

We did discover that she loves eating snowballs!  I’ve since given her a few ice cubes, which she has mild interest in.

I may freeze some chicken broth cubes when the weather warms up… that will be a melty mess in my family room!


3 thoughts on “Are Those Teeth or Needles?!

  1. Laura, I have a great recipe for peanut butter ice cream that I put in cupcake liners. Justice loves them. Let me know if you want it – super easy.

  2. I definitely don’t miss those sharp little puppy teeth! Oscar used to leave scratches on my arms when he got overexcited – he liked to nip when he was little (and he still does a little bit now, unfortunately). He likes apples and cucumber, and I freeze yogurt for him too. I usually freeze it in Kongs, but you could probably freeze it in an ice cube tray or something so that Sadie could chew them directly.

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