Distruction, Dog Parks & Fun

Another couple of days filled with new experiences for Sadie.

We went to the dog park yesterday.  It is the only place you are allowed to let your dog run off leash in the city.  I didn’t take any pictures because it was our first visit and I wanted my full attention on Sadie & the other dogs.  Sadie had a great time.  She socialized well with 4 big dogs and two dogs her size.

I went in the late morning, hoping for just a few dogs.  We started out in the puppy area for Sadie to smell around and get comfortable.  We were the only ones in the puppy area.  After she smelled around and I noticed that the few dogs in the big area seemed fairly calm and friendly, we moved over.  Initial greetings went well.  Sadie does seem more interested in saying hello to parents verses dogs.  🙂  After some hellos, a 15 month old Labradoodle {read huge} tackled her in normal puppy play.  Sadie didn’t love that… she looked at me like, get this guy off me!

The park itself is just ok… it needs to be seeded.  Sadie needed a bath when we got home from all the dirt she played in.  But, I think the socializing will be great for her as she continues to build confidence.  Plus, she slept 8 hours last night!  I love that!

As you know, Sadie is teething.  I was watching TV while she was aggressively chewing this chicken.  She loves the chicken!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her chewing with her head in the air… no chicken.  What are you chewing? Pry mouth open, find a chicken toe!  She chewed off the toe and a knob off the head.  Yikes!  I threw out the broken pieces, but as she continued to chew, she just broke off more little pieces.  Sorry Sadie, chicken in the trash.  She was so sad.

I went looking for her puppy Kong.  It usually rolls under the sofa.  While looking, I found her little rabbit.  It has a squeaker inside and she LOVES it!  I rescued it from under the sofa and she was over the moon!  🙂  So easy to please.

She took the rabbit outside and chewed and squeaked away.  Until a bird started chirping back at her!

Who's making that noise?

Sadie makes me laugh all day long!  What a joy!

We are expecting 90 degree weather this weekend!  🙂  I’m planning some nice walks in Forest Park.  My big worry this weekend is Sunday.  I am running my first half-marathon!  No, I’m not worried about the run.  I’m worried about leaving Sadie!  Marcus will be out-of-town and I will be gone for about 5 hours.  It isn’t too long, but it’s close.  And, I’m a real worry-wort!  I can worry about anything!  🙂  This does make me appreciate all the help I got from family when Daisy was a puppy.  When you move out-of-state, you quickly remember how nice it was to just swing by and drop off the dog for the day!


2 thoughts on “Distruction, Dog Parks & Fun

  1. We are probably too far away, but would be willing to take Sadie for the day while you run. We are off this weekend and would be outside a lot. Marco would enjoy the company and he loved his 2 daycare trips at a friend’s with big dogs.

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