Who’s the Boss???


1. (of an immoral or illegal act or omission) Intentional; deliberate.
2. Having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects.
Sadie just discovered the other couch in our family room.  She often jumps up and lays there.  She looks a little miffed if you sit on her couch.   This is Sadie staring me down while I sit in her favorite spot.   🙂
I officially HATE training treat bags!  The trainer told us we HAD to use one in class.  So, I bought one.  My dog is way too cleaver for this bag!  We are supposed to train with the bag and clicker.  So, I had it on my pocket today, with the clicker, while we went on our walk.  Sadie used to be the best walker… now, she is constantly jumping up at the treat bag.  I can’t walk two steps without her jumping up on my hip.  Our afternoon walk was VERY short.  I tried again in the evening, trying to click and treat for nice walking.  Nope.  It was a disaster.  I was getting so frustrated I turned around and went home after only 3 houses.  I wanted to scream, but I understand that Sadie is confused.  She smells treats, knows they are in the bag.  She thinks it’s all a game.
Look at this face!  This is what she looked like when we got back into the house and I was at the end of my leash!  🙂
I took a deep breath and took her into the back yard to play fetch to burn off her energy… and calm me down.
I am only using the treat bag in class.  No more home use.  My old system was much more effective.
And, I’m really questioning the clicker.
Banging head against wall.
I’ll leave you with a few shots I captured of Sadie during a feisty barking play session.
This is how I felt dragging Sadie home from our failed walk!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss???

  1. I LOVE the treat bag! Not so sure about the clicker. Marco loves the clicker(it’s loaded!). It gets irritating to me & anyone around. I have to be fully invested or I miss cues with it. However, when I am really in the game the instant click makes it very fast for him to connect and learn. It makes capturing a move instant. He already sees me as a walking treat dispenser. My problem was treats in pockets….too long to get, slight eww factor (soggy milk bone in the wash), and the day I had stiff jeans on and rubbed the skin off my hand getting treats.
    Suggestions: Don’t train or treat on a few walks or make the treating rare on walks. The walk itself is the treat, make lesson time separate for now. Decrease the level of yum in the treat bag on walks…..fill it with regular kibble she gets in bowl. Wear the bag when not treating so it becomes standard equipment.
    Marco is a treat hound and would sprout wings and fly for one. He will come up and offer 2-5 tricks in a row and fully expect a reward. He is smart enough to figure out there is no treat if I did not ask for a behavior….but it never hurts a guy to try. Sadie will figure out that no treat and no walk is a lose/lose. These dogs are very smart!

  2. While I love using my treat bag and clicker, I don’t think they are the best method for every dog/owner. It’s a lot to juggle, and some dogs get a little too focused on the treat bag. As far as the clicker, it is definitely the best for my own dogs, but I’ve started using “yes” as a marker word instead of using the clicker as a marker sound. It’s the same idea, but I’m not in trouble if I forget the clicker at home.

    We’re just hopping by, but we’ll definitely be back! Talk about a cute puppy!

    Jenny, Parker, and Skye

  3. Tanner is 20 weeks old. We had some issues with walking with him too. I use a treat bag all the time. But when we are walking, he is so focused on the walking. Most times I can’t give him a treat. Just a really enthusiastic “good boy” for a loose leash.

    He does wear a head collar to walk and we are working for the CGC, so I know we need to keep the leash loose and then move on to the collar only. But I also have to remember he is just a baby.

    As to the clicker…. I think that might just be one more thing to handle.

    Have you tried walking around the house with her and the treats just to get her to heel? Tanner did a post about “Cheese to heel” that you might be interested in.

  4. Sadie is getting big. She is a cutie.

    I tried a treat bag, but it didn’t work for me either. A few treats in a small plastic bag in my pocket worked better for me. Clicker was not a part of our training. We used verbal ques.

    Good luck. I am enjoying reading about your puppy training.

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