Oh, Brother!

Sadie & I were invited to a play date with her brother, Marco, before puppy school on Tuesday.  Marco and Sadie have been in the same puppy class for the last 6 weeks.  It is a lot of fun to see them together and it was wonderful to let them play outside of class.  They say puppies do not remember their litter mates, but these two sure act like family!  🙂

Sadie had a blast and looks forward to future play dates!


3 thoughts on “Oh, Brother!

  1. I don’t believe for one minute that dogs don’t remember litter mates. When my brother-in-law got their Tibetan Mastiff, his mother fell so in love, they went back about a month later for the little sister. No question that they remembered each other, and were overjoyed at the reunion. I know it was only a month, but I’m willing to bet they would have recognized each other years later.

  2. They were delightful together……boisterous, rambunctious, joyful. Maybe they just recognize same age, breed, temperament, and play style. It seemed like more than that though and I think they knew each other. Dogs are so instinct and smell driven and these two are so smart; I am certain they know each other. Even in class they related strongly to each other compared to the other puppies. Marco remembers his other friends (human and canine),places he has been
    before, favorite toys and foods. Why would he not remember a litter mate he had not been separated from for very long? I am amazed you got some decent pics. They were in constant motion and so quick! We are blessed with confident happy dogs.

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