To Chew, or Not To Chew

She looks so cute!  But, there is a teething devil lurking inside, watch your fingers!

Sadie is chewing on bully sticks all day long.  She will rotate in her rubber bones & Kong and, of course, she favors the outdoor sticks!

This is my hand – right before I stick my fingers in her mouth and pull out {leaves, grass, tree seeds} something she should not eat.

Our mature trees are the bane of my existence!  I spent an hour yesterday cleaning up all the debris it drops only to have a storm roll through and drop a fresh batch of seeds, leaves & twigs.  It really would not be that big of a deal, except Sadie thinks it’s an all you can eat salad bar!  Again, not that big of a deal, except she has thrown up during the night twice this week… grass mostly.  The vet says it’s normal and not a cause for concern, but it is not pleasant to be woken up at 3am to a barfing dog.  And, I was so tired that I didn’t wake up last night… I found the evidence this morning (what was left of it ~ eww, gross!).

The plan is to play hard and tire her out and keep her inside when she starts eating leaves and grass.  It is hot and muggy outside, so she is agreeable to being indoors.

The lemon tree is loving this sticky, hot weather!  I am hoping for more blossoms and lemons, soon!


3 thoughts on “To Chew, or Not To Chew

  1. Sorry to hear that Sadie’s been throwing up! I have no good advice about it. Our next door neighbours have an evergreen that hangs over the fence and drops dozens of pine cones all over the yard. Oscar eats them every time he’s outside – to the point where he doesn’t even do his business, he just chews things. It drives me crazy!

    Also, what a cute little lemon tree!

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