Finders Keepers

This is Dougan.  He lives next door.  He likes to put his paws on the top of the fence and drop his toy on our side so that I will toss it back to him.  He gets jealous watching me play with Sadie.  This is what I found when I joined Sadie in the backyard yesterday.

What is he looking at?

Sadie having a blast playing with his toy!

Hi Mom, look what I found!

When I told Sadie that was Dougan’s toy and we need to give it back, she picked it up and ran around the yard.  It was too big to run with effectively, she was dropping it and pouncing on it along the way.

She eventually walked the toy back to Dougan.  I tossed it to him and all was right with the world.

I guarantee that if I bought that exact toy she wouldn’t give it a second look… but because it was Dougan’s she thought it was the greatest ball ever!  😉


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