Beauty Day

Friday Sadie had her second grooming session.  It went so well!

I decided to groom her in the garage on this table.  I was hoping the height of the table would keep her more contained then grooming on the ground.  It did!  She was so well-behaved.

Sadie allowed me to trim her feet with both scissors and the electric clippers.  I also used the electric clippers to trim her tail and bum area and her head and neck.  I used the scissors to trim the length of her ears.

I tried to keep the session positive and as short as possible.  She got a little squirmy towards the end, but it was a very successful session.

Luckily she is young and doesn’t need a lot of body trimming.

I am so glad I invested in my own clippers!  I saved $35 on a puppy package and know that Sadie had a good experience.

She’s showing you her cute little bum!  🙂

I kept her ears spaniel-like, but trimmed them up to the leather.  Keeps them drier when she drinks her water.

After the grooming session, Sadie got a yummy biscuit and then a frisbee play session.

Mom, stop taking my picture, and throw the frisbee!!


2 thoughts on “Beauty Day

  1. You do a great job on grooming her, I wish I was that talented and could groom my shih tzu, but he doesn’t even like when I cut his nails…

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