What did you say we are doing tomorrow?!?

Sadie has her spay tomorrow.

I’m a little nervous.  I’ve done this before with Daisy and know it’s a routine surgery, but it’s still surgery.  And, keeping a ‘high energy’ dog calm and quite for days on end to recover is a little challenging.

I bought a cone today at Pet Smart.  We had one for Daisy, and of course, I can’t find it anywhere!  I’m assuming I donated after Daisy died… but I also have a nagging feeling I’ll find it in a month or two!  🙂

I ended up with a traditional cone.  I spent some time looking at the new, soft cones and inflatable donuts.  While comparing items, a Pet Smart worker came over and offered his two cents.  He said they get a lot of returns on the donuts.  He said they are more comfortable, but don’t prevent most dogs from reaching areas at the lower end of their body.  He said Sadie would most likely still be able to lick her incision site.  He also told me I had 60 days to return the cone, even if used.  So, I decided to start with the traditional cone and see how it goes.

Sadie didn’t love trying out the cone.  I decided not to push my luck.  You’ll be seeing photos soon enough.

The Vet called today and went over what to expect tomorrow and what to do tonight.

Sadie was allowed dinner today and then no food after 8pm tonight.  She can have water all night and tomorrow morning.  No food tomorrow.  I fed her dinner 1 1/2 hours later than normal, hoping to buy some time tomorrow morning.  Sadie loves breakfast and I don’t want to hear her whine for 2 hours tomorrow morning.

I need to drop her off between 8 – 9 am tomorrow.  I also need to bring a comfort item for her.  I’m going to bring Ellie, her stuffed elephant.  She sleeps with Ellie and it was her first comfort when we brought her home from the breeder.

They said I can pick her up between 4 – 6 pm.  The surgery will be over in the morning, but they will monitor her all day and keep her on IV fluids and pain medication.

Sadie played a lot today.  We went on our usual neighborhood walk and played in the back yard several times today.  Marcus came home for lunch and she got a bonus session.

I also took Sadie to the dog park for a little socialization.  Sadie was a little overwhelmed by the number of large dogs at the park.  She was good one-on-one, but didn’t really get into the group play. I need to take her to the dog park on a more regular basis after she heals from the surgery.  I think mornings are a little calmer at the dog park, too.  Better puppy play.

She is currently sleeping  passed out on the couch next to me.  Here’s hoping a few days of jam packed exercise will roll over for the next few days of recovery!


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