The morning went well today.  Sadie got up at her usual (6 am) time for breakfast.  I took her out to potty and then back up to our bedroom.  I decided it would be mean if I ate breakfast and she couldn’t.  Kinda cruel.  So, I decided sleeping was a good distraction.  🙂

I let her lay on my bed and turned the TV on.  She whined a little and then jumped down and went into her crate.  We slept until 7:45!  Nice surprise!

I dropped Sadie off at the vet a little after 8am, as planned.

I went back home and enjoyed a quiet breakfast.  Then I felt a little worried about Sadie, so I decided to go shopping for a recovery toy for her.  I also needed to return the plastic cone.  The technician told me three things about cones;

1.  it works best if it is longer than her nose, so she can’t reach her body parts (the one I bought was a bit too small)

2. some dogs don’t need one, so don’t waste the money unless you need it

3.  the comfy cone is the cone they find is the best

So, I returned the plastic cone and decided I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if she needs the comfy cone.  I can bring her into the store to get the best fit, if she needs one.

The Vet called at 3:30 and said she did great and was recovering nicely.  He went on and on about what a great dog she is.  Preaching to the choir!  🙂

When I went in to pick her up, the technician told me that the Vet carried her around all day, gushing over her.  Funny, but easy to imagine.

Sadie ended up having 2 surgeries.

1. Her spay went as planned.

stitches will dissolve - no return visit needed!

shaved arm for her IV

she went right to the couch when we got home

2. She had a puppy tooth removed that did not fall out properly when the adult tooth started to come in.  Sadie had a sore on her top gum that I was watching for a month or so.  We knew, if it wasn’t cleared up by the spay, the vet would x-ray her mouth and we’d see what was going on.

The vet gave me copies of the before and after photos.  This surgery went well, too.  And, we saved $300 by doing it today because she was already under anesthesia for the spay.

They sent her tooth home, too.  Gross, huh?!?  It’s about to go in the garbage.  🙂

She will get one of these syringes each morning with breakfast.  It is an oral (no needle) medication for pain and swelling.

And, I have to keep her calm and quiet for 5-7 days.  We’ll see how that goes.  I have a trick up my sleeve that I’ll show you tomorrow.

For now, she is out cold. I’ve NEVER seen her this quiet.  She made almost no noise when I greeted her.  Strong drugs… I’m glad she isn’t in any pain.  This vet was worth every penny!!!


3 thoughts on “Post-Op

  1. I cant remember when holly and teffy were spayed, partly because i was young for holly, and just unaware for teffy, but when we took vixen to the vet the day before sadie was born, we had to get x-rays. Vixen, being the naughty thing she is, wouldnt hold still on the table, so the vets knocked her out. It was probably the funniest thing i’ve ever seen, her waking up, and then trying to jump into the car. Hope sadie recovers well, and that you enjoy your low key springer pup while she lasts =]

  2. I’m glad Sadie is recovering well and that she’s getting some rest. Oscar was pretty rambunctious after his neutering. We were told to keep the cone on him for two weeks…he was not a happy puppy.

  3. Sorry for the late response… this post gives me PTSD from Our Best Friend’s neutering… The vet did not give us a cone, and it was not a good thing. I’m glad your vet is smarter!

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