Fabulous Friday Give-away!

Poochie Bells is participating in a give-away to help increase the awareness of Great Dane Therapy Dogs.

This prize package is worth over $45!

You will receive the following items:

  • One “All-American” themed Leash
  •  One “All-American” themed Poochie-Bells
  • One “All-American” themed Furbitz


Fabulous Friday Give-away!  Click on the link below for up to 10 chances to win!


As you can see, Sadie has the All-American collar.  Winning this package would round out her accessories!  Plus, we need a second Poochie Bells for the lake house!  You know we love our Poochie Bells!  🙂

In addition to loving Poochie Bells and free stuff ( ha!), the cause really caught my eye.  Training therapy dogs.  This organization is training dogs to work in the community to help

  • in providing emotional support and relaxation to a minor or disabled individual during court mandated situations
  • reading companions to improve literacy skills
  • a Therapy Dane can make appearances at Deployment Departures, Tour of Duty Homecomings, and other military programs as requested for Veterans, Active Duty, and Retired Military men and women.
  • assist in physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions assisting professionals to continue progressing with a patient’s goals to recovery and/or continued wellness

If you are interested in making a donation towards this great cause, you can find more information here:


I would really like to train Sadie to be a therapy dog.  She loves people and people love her!  We have great interactions with strangers on our daily walks.  And, I really enjoy watching Sadie brighten up people’s days.

This cause has motivated me to find an organization near us to get certified!

I know I can make you smile!


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Give-away!

  1. Thunder has his Therapy Dog International certification. Of course with all of the hunt test training we have no time right now to participate. However, it may be something for his retirement. We started with his Canine Good Citizenship certification and some classes which exposed him to what is required and reinforced obedience and then did the TDI test. One of Thunder’s pups has actually been accepted as a Therapy Dog at a local children’s hospital. It is a worthy thing to do. Best of luck with it!

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