Hot! Hot! Hot!

While we were at the cottage, I got Sadie into the routine of eating breakfast around 7am and then crawling back into bed until 8 or 8:15am.  The extra sleep was great… and it appears that Sadie really like the extra hour, too.

Every morning this week, while I enjoy my coffee, Sadie sneaks back upstairs for an extra hour of zzzzz’s.

This was the temperature a few days ago… we are expecting even hotter days to come this weekend and next week!

I have been unsuccessful in finding a kiddy pool for Sadie.  3 stores and still no luck.

I tried these frozen packs to keep her water cold in the hot heat.  Sadie hates it!  She won’t drink from the dish, unless I take it out.  Back to ice cubes.  🙂

The pup-sicles continue to be a big hit!

And so do the “empty” peanut butter jars.

I’m looking into finding a dog beach / water in the area.  One of the “parents” I met at the dog park told me about one about 30 minutes south… sounds interesting.


One thought on “Hot! Hot! Hot!

  1. Don’t know if they still have them, but we got kiddie pool at Big Lots in the valley. Let me know about the beach area. We used to take Chana to Creve Coeur Lake to windsurf, but more crowds and leash law enforcement since the good old days. Any problem keeping water out of Sadie’s ears? Marco dunks his head completely, plays in every sprinkler,hose or faucet available. Also, check out area pools for a dog swim a day or 2 after Labor Day closing. We took Kitty to a couple until she got too old and they are a hoot.

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