Fresh New Toys!

Sadie chewed thru the top of her puppy Kong, so I stopped by the pet store to buy her a new Kong and I left with a bonus Kong toy!

What did you get me, Mom?!?

She is old enough to have the red “dog” Kong.  She likes the harder rubber of this toy.  I am sure it will get a lot of use in the coming days.

I also bought this Kong Knots toy.  Sadie loves to play tug and it felt really durable.

She LOVES it!!!

It has rope knots inside the body, instead of stuffing.

And, it has handles on each end to tug with.

Sadie and I each give it 5 stars!  It’s a buy!  😉

Sadie and I have a visitor… Gideon!  He has come to stay with us for a few weeks while my parents go on vacation.  Sadie is over-the-moon!


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