Two dogs Are Better Than One

Gideon & Sadie spent a good amount of yesterday playing in the backyard.  Chase & catching tennis balls were the games of choice.  The temperatures were still very warm, so when I brought them inside to cool down, the playing continued.

Tug is their favorite indoor game.

The toy basket is on the other side of this couch.  They played with EVERY toy Sadie has!

What do you want to play with next?!?

Notice Gideon is standing in this picture…

As the evening went on, Gideon laid down while Sadie continued to play with him.  Puppy energy trumps size.  🙂


There was ‘ruff’ housing, of course.

For a while, both dogs laid on their backs, biting a toy between them!  They had me laughing all night.

Resting together by the back door.

And, total exhaustion for Gideon.

Today, I took both of them to the dog park.  They had fun running with other dogs and then I spent awhile throwing balls for them to chase & bring back.

Currently, both are fast asleep – for now.  😉


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