Learning to Dock Dive

I forgot the cable that allows me to download pictures to my computer… so I have 2 small pictures taken by my phone. 

I have a ton of great photos to show you all… when I get home.

But, for now, a quick update. 

Sadie learned to dive off a dock into the water!  She loves it!  

Along with running, diving and swimming, Sadie has been relaxing at my parents’ house.  She is having a great summer! 

Off to the cottage later this week for more excitement. 


2 thoughts on “Learning to Dock Dive

  1. Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals will be at Gray Summit Oct. 1.
    Two regional events in San Diego & Atlanta set the field for the distance jump into water. However, local dogs will have a qualifier event Friday , 9/30 @ 10:30 am. Other events Sat.: freestyle flying disc, weave poles, Jack Russell hurdle racing, & agility competitions.

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