The Evolution of Walking a Tight Rope {from Sadie’s perspective}

Sadie has been having a wonderful fall.

Lots of walks and play time.

We just spent the afternoon with her brother, Marco.  They had so much fun together!  I am so bummed I forgot my camera.  Boo Mom!

Sadie has discovered the fun of ‘people watching’ out the front window.  I moved an ottoman under the window sill to give her a comfortable view. Yeah, Mom?!!  🙂

Sadie has a fun trip to Michigan next week and then we start another dog training class when we return home.  I signed us up for a 6 week class to fix all those pesky behaviors, like jumping.  It’s really Mom training, not dog training.

I am really excited about the trainers we will be working with, they specialize in training for certification as therapy dogs in hospitals.  I hope they can help me shape her behaviors so she will be eligible to be a therapy dog once she is old enough.

We are also on a waiting list for an agility training class.  Yeah, waiting list!  Boo!

I hope to get back into regular postings, now that our summer travels are winding down.  Plus, we have lots of new activities to report on!  😉


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