Sadie needs a pink bandage-themed Halloween costume!

Happy Halloween!  Sadie had a visit to the Vet this morning.  Yesterday I noticed she had a few growths off her back foot pad.  She wasn’t bothered much by them, but one of the growths was bleeding a tad.  Being the worrier that I am, I made an appointment with her Vet this morning to have them look at it.  I’d rather spend $45 having a doctor tell me it’s nothing, than fret for a month.  Plus, my need to Google kinda elevates my stressful worrying.  🙂

Sadie was great at the Vet.  Playing with her feet when she was younger has paid off.  She laid on her side and let us examine her easily.  She even took to the pink bandage with no issue.  Such a great temperament!

Unfortunately, the Vet said she was glad I brought her in, because it was not “normal”.  They took a biopsy of one of the growths and sent it off to be analyzed.  Hopefully we will have some answers by the end of the week.  Needless to say, my $45 visit went up quite a bit with the biopsy, but I’d rather have answers than “watch & wait”.

Other than the foot issue, Sadie is doing great!  Lots of love & fun!  I snapped a few photos of Sadie’s favorite snuggle spots with Dad.

This is her absolute favorite spot… she crawls up and warps herself around the back of Marcus’ neck.  He calls her a ferret!  😉

Don’t eat too much candy this week!  🙂


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