Clean Bill of Health!

The Vet called Friday afternoon with great news…

The growths on Sadie’s paw are caused by a harmless, puppy virus.  It will clear up in a month or so and is not contagious.

He said it was unusual to find the growth on her paw, but the biopsy confirmed it was nothing to worry about.  Yeah!

We celebrated the good news with a backyard play session!  The area they took the biopsy from is healing well and she is walking, running and playing like usual.

I recently printed all the pictures I have taken of Sadie to put into her puppy scrapbook.

I made two albums for Daisy and it is great to look through them and remember all the joy she brought us.

I have plans to get started on the album this week… rainy fall days are great for scrappin!

I saw this at Target and couldn’t pass it up.

Sadie’s first Christmas ornament!  It holds a photo and has the year engraved on the small heart.  I love ornaments that hold photos!

I also bought her Christmas stocking.  It has bells all over the top and I ironed her name down the front.

We are all set to spoil her with gifts!  😉


2 thoughts on “Clean Bill of Health!

  1. That must have been such a relief to you! Looks like she is all set to be spoiled.

    Delilah has a little growth behind her ear that I’m keeping my eye on, I’m suspecting it is a wart, but will watch it just in case.

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