Thanksgiving, a 1st Birthday and Christmas


Sadie spent a week playing with her buddy, Gideon, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I snapped this photo when I went looking for her after dinner one evening.

So much fun during the day, made her an excellent sleeper!


oh, yum!

Mom! Put the camera down and give me my gift!

Sadie loves squeaky tennis balls!

Plays "Happy Birthday" when she bites it.


For me?!?

Santa brought Sadie a squeaking dinosaur, a squeaking lizard, busy bones and bully sticks!

Best Christmas present was 3 full days playing with Dad!

After breakfast, Marcus, Sadie and I headed out to Forest Park.  The golf course was closed for the holiday, but you are allowed to walk it and play for free.  While Marcus played, Sadie had the opportunity to run off leash on the course.

I did hold her back while Marcus swung his clubs.

Then, she was allowed to run, run, run.  She has a good recall and loves the open spaces!

We quickly discovered that I needed to hold her during the putting, too.  She wanted to steal Marcus’ golf ball… she thought it was a game for her, too.  🙂

Let me at it!!!

It was a wonderful morning wrapped up with a pleasant open-window car ride home…

to lots of naps!  😉

Happy Holidays!  We wish you all health and happiness in 2012!


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