Sleep Like A Dog

Sadie had a great January!  The weather has been unseasonably warm and Sadie has enjoyed lots of long walks and backyard play sessions.

Sadie visited the Vet to get blood drawn to renew her heartworm medication.  She is not yet full-grown, but weighed in at a very fit 30 pounds.  The Vet said she was doing great!  We celebrated with a new collar and of course, more bones!  😉

We are still working on the proper greetings (aka no jumping) and ALWAYS coming when called, but her obedience is going well.

Sadie also hit a mini-milestone… drum roll please…

She no longer sleeps in her cage at night!!  Sadie loves the new sleeping arrangement.

I bought her a new bed with sides for her head.  It sits where her cage was, next to our bed.  She spends most of the night in her bed and usually jumps up on our bed for an early morning snuggle.  I get a cold nose wake-up call when it’s breakfast time.  🙂

Her old bed was moved into the office.  She usually keeps us company when we work on the computer.

She still has a cage in our family room that she goes into when we leave the house.  We haven’t started letting her have run of the house, yet…

Sadie has some exciting plans for February… we’ll keep you all updated.  Have a good week!

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.  ~Carrie Snow


3 thoughts on “Sleep Like A Dog

  1. Hi
    Its Laura Troha (Digger’s owner from Sadie’s litter). She is so cute! I love to see what she’s up to. Would love to hear if you have any tips on what you are doing with obedience that you mentioned for when visitors come to the door. Digger just gets sooo excited and unless I have a leash on him, it takes him a while to calm down. He wants to play bite the visitors hands as well.
    Love to see that Sadie is out of her cage at night; makes me feel a little less guilty. Digger has been sleeping with us for a long time now; something that Wendy Parr suggested we dont do! Oh well, we couldnt resist. He sleeps by our feet at the end of the bed. We were having issues with him in his cage. He actually broke out of it one time. So now when we leave the house he is gated in our laundry room. We’ve been really lucky that when he is in there he doesnt chew or do anything destructive. But, we havent let him have the run of the house either.
    Thanks for sharing Sadie; she is adorable!! Digger is about 40 pounds now. He has really filled out in the last few months.

    • Hi Laura! I wish we lived closer, it would be great to get Sadie & Digger together to play! It is great to see Sadie & Marco (another litter mate) play!
      Your explanation of Digger’s greeting behaviors make me laugh… he sounds just like his sister! Sadie also loves to nip at my hands when I come home. I have found that if I stop saying “Hi” and walk away when she starts nipping, she will stop the nipping and “sit pretty” to get some petting attention. It is still a struggle… we also have not yet perfected the calm greeting. I am going to stop trying to hold her / leash her with guests and try a treat reward to see if we get better results. I will let you know if it works!
      Also, I do not feel guilty that Sadie sleeps at our feet and snuggles with us! We let Daisy sleep with us and it was fine. We do put her in her bed each night, just to have a routine for when she stays with my parents, etc. Everyone is different and we like our pets on our furniture. 😉 You’re in good company!
      It is interesting that Digger broke out of his cage… Sadie hated it at first. It was a real struggle to get her used to being crated when we left the house. (2 dog begs and a broken puppy tooth!) She is great now when we leave, but she was whining to get out at night “to be with us”. Getting rid of the bedtime cage has made all the difference for us.
      I’ll let you know if I make any great training discoveries! 🙂

  2. Hey there! Marco is doing great and weighed in at 40 lbs today. The only furniture he is allowed on is my son’s bed. Ryan is away at school & only visits occasionally, so there is a full scale attempt to bond when home. I will occasionally sleep in his room with Marco. Marco has had full run of the house for about 6 months now and the only casualties have been chewed magazines & newspapers….confetti. He even got a few magazines off the coffee & side tables. Otherwise, he has strewn his toys from one end of the house to the other when we are gone “too long”. The most enthusiastic greeting is for me….full tilt crazy with jumping and hand nom-noms. Dana & Kirk do not tolerate it at all and he respects that. I am the weakest link.He loves his crate & goes voluntarily….we rarely put him in it. If he senses a nail clipping he is in his crate. Walking w/o pulling is getting better, but not great. He talks….a lot. He really hates the heat, loves water, and dislikes the dark….will go into Dana’s office at dusk and whine until she comes out to turn on a light for him. He knows no fear and gives me heart attacks chasing coyotes and deer. His brain lights up like a Christmas tree around water & he is going in if not preemptively forbidden….and may still rocket into it. He is absolutely the most CHEWINGEST dog ever….ever! He has one ear that needs cleaning solution regularly…the other is fine. He hates my laptop and will put his head under it and try to lift it off my lap. He still resists settling down in the evening,like a toddler, but if you can hold him still for 5 minutes he will go to sleep. He is my boon companion and I just love him to pieces.

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