I am a former middle school science teacher and medical school curriculum specialist trying to live life to the fullest!

My husband and I brought home our first English Springer Spaniel in June 2004.  Daisy was only with us for 6 short years, but she left a large mark on our hearts.  You can read about Daisy in the February 2011 blog entries.

Daisy added so much love and entertainment to our family that I decided it would be fun to share our adventures with our new puppy.   She comes home at the end of February!

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  1. Really fun to see Marco’s sister. We picked him up at 7 am, so we got to see Sadie and one other pup. I am looking forward to daylight savings so it will be 6am instead of 5 when he roars to life. Hopefully, we can get them together some time. He has taken to us like a fish to water and loves the wooded back yard.He is less thrilled to walk on a leash.Actually, the leash does not seem to be the problem. He seems reluctant to venture too far from home yet. He hesitated a short second at the back deck steps and has then shot up and down them ever since….shockingly confident! He likes to dig and run, tilts at pinwheels (maybe should have named him Don Quixote?), wrestles with an old plastic hosta pot, and is fascinated by a solar globe that lights up at twilight.


  2. I will look into it. I am on my long stretch at work right now 😦
    What kind of schedule? I work a lot of evenings. He is meeting some of the kids & dogs in the neighborhood and I need to get him over to meet a friend’s gi-normous golden soon.


  3. Hi Laura
    I am the owner of one of Sadies litter mates (Jangle).. We named him Digger and he is not living up to his name so far (thank goodness).. Love your blog.. Ive been reading it since I feel like we are in the same boat!
    Digger is sleeping pretty well. The crate training has gone fast; I had to get to work on Monday after getting him on that Friday evening. We have the crate in our room next to my side of the bed. He only has been waking once in the middle of the night, but like Sadie seems to get up at about 5am. I cant blame him though since he hears my husbands alarm clock at that time. So Digger and I get up too.. Im just hoping he might sleep in on the weekend someday! 🙂
    Laura Troha

    • Hi Laura! Where do you all live? Jealous that crate training is going well for you. 🙂 Sadie HATES it when we leave, but she is good with an open-door crate and sleeps well at bed time. I have to say, I love daylight savings… Sadie got up at 6 today!

  4. Big breakthroughs! Marco has been ringing the bells and going out to potty and back in BY HIMSELF!!!! Yesterday and this morning solo missions seemed to make him very pleased with himself. Of course, I am watching from a window or sitting on the deck stairs. He shows up at the door with his expecting a treat face and a jaunty attitude. He played with a huge golden yesterday (Sammy can casually peer over the back of my sofa & carry 3 tennis balls in his mouth). Marco showed no fear and when he got too annoying Sammy gave a low growl and Marco went submissive right on cue…..exactly how it should play out. He wore himself out and laid down for a nap right next to the HUGE dog.

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