Little Stinker

Such a cute and innocent face…

Happy with his ball…

Where did Sadie go?

Hey! Give me my ball back!!!

Here, try and get it!

Where did he go?!? Aren’t we playing?!?

I can’t fit under there!!!


Caught by the iphone

I made banana bread this weekend and left it out to cool.  Marcus cut himself a piece and joined me in the family room. Sadie was MIA.  I told Marcus to check the kitchen, and this is what he found…

We have some behaviors to work on!

It was a cooler 95 degrees this weekend and Sadie spent a lot of time outside.  The following 2 pictures were taken Saturday & Sunday evening…

Love her!

New Camera, Take Two

So after much thought, I returned the DSLR camera and purchased a Nikon CoolPix.  I really want great 4×6 pictures AND a tiny camera.  The DSLR had great prints, but it was HUGE!  Just not practical for me.  This Nikon has a good lens with a great zoom range and is very user-friendly.  I have not printed any photos yet… how many backyard Sadie do I need?  😉  But, I’ve been pleased with the pictures as I see them on our computer.

We have plans to go to the top rated dog park in Missouri, so more beautiful Sadie to come!