Playing with the Kids

Uncle Marcus loves to golf in the morning and fish in the afternoon and evening.  Our nephew, Jackson, asked 100 times when Uncle Marcus would be home to take him fishing the first day they were visiting!

While we waited for Uncle Marcus to finish golfing, Sadie distracted the kids with a little water play.

Notice our niece, Hadley, playing with Sadie’s tail… Chloe doesn’t have a tail and the kids are really interested in her little stub.

Chloe would only play with Sadie on land, she isn’t really excited about the water.  I was really annoyed with my camera at this point in the vacation and have no good pictures of Chloe & Sadie running the property.  Like Gideon, Sadie had Chloe running her agility course, too.

There is a very good reason for our niece Nola’s crying face… See Sadie right below Nola?  Nola used to love Sadie, but, by the end of the vacation, Nola was not Sadie’s biggest fan.

Sadie has a ‘jumping on people when greeting’ problem.  It became very apparent it was a big problem on this trip.  Sadie went to greet Nola, who was very excited to see Sadie, by jumping on her and pushing her over like a bowling pin.  Screams and cries continued for a while.  Nola was not hurt, but it was clear I needed to stop this – fast!

I finished reading the “Idiots guide to dog training” during the week and have been working on Sadie’s recall and jumping.  Today at the dog park, Sadie did not jump on any adults!  Hopefully Nola and Sadie can become friends again!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Jillian, I have a picture of ME with Sadie!


Dog Days of Summer

When my parents left, my Mom left behind a huge treat for Sadie.  She spent a week enjoying the peanut butter stuffed bone.

I spent a little while cleaning up the cottage to prepare for Marcus to arrive.  I went looking for Sadie when I realized she wasn’t following me around.  Here is where I found her… best chair in the cottage!  She was enjoying the view!  🙂

When Marcus arrived, Sadie was excited to show him all her new swimming abilities!  She got deeper and farther out as the vacation continued.  Our routine was a long walk in the morning followed by a swim to cool off.

Followed by a hard nap in the afternoon-evening!  🙂

Cottage Country Canine

This is the life!  Do we have to go home?

Sadie loved the cottage!  Everything about cottage life agreed with Sadie.  Long walks to sniff out wildlife, swimming, running the property, tons of treats and plenty of friends!

My parents and Gideon were the first guests of the season.  Gideon is a black lab and he was a natural in the water.

Sadie watched Gideon retrieve the water toys from the water’s edge.  She would chase him through the property and then stop in the shallow water.  Eventually she walked deeper and deeper until she started swimming on her own.  It was the coolest thing to watch.

She didn’t really need the life jacket, but I put it on her the first few times just to be safe.  She was wearing it when Marcus and I took her out on the fishing boat.  That came in handy… she jumped out of the boat to play in the water and the life jacket made it very easy to lift her back into the boat.  🙂

We really saw the agility genes shine on this trip.  Sadie LOVES to sprint around our property.  She created a course around the cottage that involves circling the large garden, jumping down the small retaining wall, and making various turns around the water’s edge.  She would steal Gideon’s tennis ball to get him to chase her through her course.

And of course they enjoyed plenty of treats from my Mom!

More from our cottage vacation tomorrow.  Today we are trying not to melt… 115 is the predicted high today.

We went to the dog park early this morning but it was still so hot Sadie mostly socialized with the other dogs and did little running.  I tried to buy her a kiddie pool today, but Target only had inflatable pools.  Stay cool, eh?!!

Where have you been?!?

So sorry to be MIA last week!  I was snapping pictures and thinking about the blog, but never made time to sit and blog.

I had that week were you have to get the to-do list done.

Here’s a wrap-up of what Sadie has been doing the last week.

In the background is Marcus at the driving range in Forest Park.  While Marcus hits golf balls, Sadie and I walked around the park.  She loves it!

The weather has been chart topping hot & humid.  I pack water for Sadie because our walks have been about an hour-long.  Sadie is not a fan of the travel water dish.  She doesn’t like sticking her head into the floppy bowl.

So, I went out and bought this travel bowl.  Sadie likes it much better.  Can you say spoiled?!?  🙂

I am still in the search for the perfect chew.  Sadie tried a compressed rawhide bone and a hard, stuffed bone.

The compressed rawhide was nothing special.  The downside was the mess it left on the carpet.

The stuffed bone is a keeper!  Sadie has been playing with it for the entire week.  She spends time licking the center and chewing the hard bone.  And, no mess!  It is great inside and outside!!

I also bought her bubbles.  Daisy used to love chasing bubbles.

Sadie eventually caught on, but I think the weather was so hot she wasn’t really interested in chase.  I’ll have to try again later when the heat breaks.

On the to-do list, was shopping for the cottage.  Sadie and I are going to the cottage for 2 1/2 weeks!  Yippy!

Life Jacket – Check!

I know Sadie will love the water and I’m sure swimming will come naturally to her.  But, a life jacket can come in handy when you least expect it.  We were thankful for Daisy’s jacket on more than one occasion!

Collar Night Light – Check!

We like to sit by the fire pit at night.  And, it gets crazy dark up north.  I want to be able to see Sadie and know where she is.  I stumbled upon this and knew it would be great!  It attached easily to her collar and the LED lights shine very brightly.  Great for a puppy learning (still learning) come & stay!

Funny Moment:  Marcus caught Sadie trying to jump onto the counter to get at a cheese platter I left out.

She accidentally opened the cabinet on the descent down.

On that note, here is my cottage reading material.

Puppy school was good, but I need to really practice and follow thru with Sadie’s training.  We have some skills to get better at and some bad behaviors to stop before they become a problem.

Cottage country has questionable internet access.  I have plans to buy a mobile hot spot, but I’m not sure if the cells towers will cooperate.  We may be out of touch until July.

Just in case… Happy 4th of July!