Best Dog Frisbee!!!

Don’t you like Sadie’s new collar!?!  She loves it!  It glows in the dark, too.

While I was at the pet store, I decided to buy her a new frisbee.  I had a 10% off coupon and felt the need to capitalize on the savings. 🙂

This is, hands down, the best frisbee for dogs!

Sadie likes the smaller size, but Daisy played with the larger size and loved it just as much.  It is a tad pricey for a dog frisbee, but it lasts a lot longer than a cheap plastic frisbee and it’s gentle on their teeth.

While I was shopping, I grabbed a long tug rope, too.  Sadie’s last rope is too short to play tug with… Sadie re-grips and you can lose a finger if you’re not careful!  🙂  Plus it gets kinda gross after all that chewing.

Sadie and Gideon love it!


Walking, Swimming & Sharing

We had a fun-filled weekend!  I took both Sadie & Gideon on a walk (by myself) Saturday morning.  I was nervous at first, not sure how easy it was going to be with 2 dogs and 2 separate retractable leashes.  I took one quick (and blurry) picture before we left.

The walk was a breeze!  They both walk really well together and it was a great alternative to the busy weekend dog park.

Marcus joined us for 2 more walks over the weekend and they loved the neighborhood strolls!

As you may recall, Sadie has an antler chew.  She has really been into chewing it in the afternoon.  I love it because she can chew for a while with little destruction to the antler and then she walks away satisfied.

Gideon found the antler and really liked it… Sadie did not like sharing at all!  She would walk over to him and take it away from him.  It was really funny to watch considering he is 3 times her size!  Gideon really is a gentle giant.  He is so patient and tolerant of her puppy energy and behaviors.

As a reward to Gideon for his kind behavior with our little monster, I went out a bought Gideon his own (larger) antler.

Sadie took it from him!  Oh the nerve of her!

I took it back and made Sadie chew her antler and gave Gideon his back.

They both stood up, exchanged antlers and then laid back down and chewed away!

By Saturday evening, both Gideon & Sadie were “dog-tired”.

Gideon went into his crate to sleep and Sadie assumed her normal snuggle position with Marcus.  🙂

I give both Sadie & Gideon a chewy once a day.  Sadie enjoys her’s on the family room rug.

Gideon takes his into his crate.  No sharing with the puppy for this treat!

Sunday was another “heat advisory” day… hot and humid and 105.  After our morning walk, we let the pooches cool off in the pool!

Sadie was cautious at first.

And just like learning to swim, she watched Gideon splash around and then followed his lead.

She really loved the “water fountain”.

Along with standing, splashing and laying in the pool, the also dropped their tennis balls in and bobbed them out.  It was really entertaining to watch them play.  They both loved the pool!

Happy Exhaustion!

Two dogs Are Better Than One

Gideon & Sadie spent a good amount of yesterday playing in the backyard.  Chase & catching tennis balls were the games of choice.  The temperatures were still very warm, so when I brought them inside to cool down, the playing continued.

Tug is their favorite indoor game.

The toy basket is on the other side of this couch.  They played with EVERY toy Sadie has!

What do you want to play with next?!?

Notice Gideon is standing in this picture…

As the evening went on, Gideon laid down while Sadie continued to play with him.  Puppy energy trumps size.  🙂


There was ‘ruff’ housing, of course.

For a while, both dogs laid on their backs, biting a toy between them!  They had me laughing all night.

Resting together by the back door.

And, total exhaustion for Gideon.

Today, I took both of them to the dog park.  They had fun running with other dogs and then I spent awhile throwing balls for them to chase & bring back.

Currently, both are fast asleep – for now.  😉

Fresh New Toys!

Sadie chewed thru the top of her puppy Kong, so I stopped by the pet store to buy her a new Kong and I left with a bonus Kong toy!

What did you get me, Mom?!?

She is old enough to have the red “dog” Kong.  She likes the harder rubber of this toy.  I am sure it will get a lot of use in the coming days.

I also bought this Kong Knots toy.  Sadie loves to play tug and it felt really durable.

She LOVES it!!!

It has rope knots inside the body, instead of stuffing.

And, it has handles on each end to tug with.

Sadie and I each give it 5 stars!  It’s a buy!  😉

Sadie and I have a visitor… Gideon!  He has come to stay with us for a few weeks while my parents go on vacation.  Sadie is over-the-moon!

Summertime Fun

Sadie is having a blast this summer!  I need to do a better job taking pictures and making time to blog!  It was much easier to blog with snow & rain!  🙂

I have been “sitting” on these pictures… afraid of the jinx.  Ha!

I bought Sadie a plush Kong dog bed for her upstairs crate because she has been accident free for months.

Sadie likes plush and she also likes pillows for her head… this bed has both.  She loves it!  I also changed her downstairs crate to a thick blanket.  She is also accident free when we leave during the day, but sometimes she chews on her blanket (in a teething way, not destructive) and I’m not confident she wouldn’t destroy a bed just teething.  Lets not forget the last new bed I bought!

Sadie is loving the summer fruit!

Sadie still loves to play with Dougan’s toys when he drops them over the fence!

I took this picture during a keep-away game when I was trying to get the ball back for Dougan.

I have been taking Sadie to the dog park a few times a week.  We go in the morning, when the weather is not yet in the 100’s! 🙂

Sadie really likes to go and socialize with her new friends.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

While we were at the cottage, I got Sadie into the routine of eating breakfast around 7am and then crawling back into bed until 8 or 8:15am.  The extra sleep was great… and it appears that Sadie really like the extra hour, too.

Every morning this week, while I enjoy my coffee, Sadie sneaks back upstairs for an extra hour of zzzzz’s.

This was the temperature a few days ago… we are expecting even hotter days to come this weekend and next week!

I have been unsuccessful in finding a kiddy pool for Sadie.  3 stores and still no luck.

I tried these frozen packs to keep her water cold in the hot heat.  Sadie hates it!  She won’t drink from the dish, unless I take it out.  Back to ice cubes.  🙂

The pup-sicles continue to be a big hit!

And so do the “empty” peanut butter jars.

I’m looking into finding a dog beach / water in the area.  One of the “parents” I met at the dog park told me about one about 30 minutes south… sounds interesting.