New Camera, Take Two

So after much thought, I returned the DSLR camera and purchased a Nikon CoolPix.  I really want great 4×6 pictures AND a tiny camera.  The DSLR had great prints, but it was HUGE!  Just not practical for me.  This Nikon has a good lens with a great zoom range and is very user-friendly.  I have not printed any photos yet… how many backyard Sadie do I need?  😉  But, I’ve been pleased with the pictures as I see them on our computer.

We have plans to go to the top rated dog park in Missouri, so more beautiful Sadie to come!


Wonderful Wordless Wednesday

New Camera, Same Beautiful Springer

I am totally on the fence about my new camera.  It’s a DSLR and I think it will take great pictures, but it is huge!  I have been playing around with it and getting some good shots, but I’m not sure it is what I really want.  The proof will be in the prints.

A huge down side to the camera is size.  It is not easy to keep with you everywhere.  This is a great example; the camera was in the bag, in the house and I missed Sadie swimming in my parents fish pond.  I caught the after shot.  Boo!

Sadie had a great time at our cottage this past week.  I have many more swimming shots to come!  😉

A Package for Sadie!

Sadie received a very generous gift in the mail a few weeks ago from!

A box loaded with treats & chews!  All her Favorites!

The company contacted me about a month ago to try out their services.  I wanted to give it a few weeks so that Sadie could try all of the products and we could give an honest review.  And, I have to say, we loved our experience with Mr.Chewy!

Sadie is an aggressive bone chewer and the bully sticks & flossies were a great alternative to rawhide.

The Merrick bone is holding up really well, too.  She seems to like it just as much, if not better than the antlers!  (And, I just received an email that they sell antlers, too!)

They have a wide selection of both dog & cat products that include treats & food.  They have competitive prices and free shipping on all orders $49+!

The website is very user-friendly, the shipping was fast and everything arrived in one piece.  Always a plus!

Along with the bone & bully sticks, Sadie received an assortment of treats.  We are back to practicing our training behaviors.

I mixed up the treats and put them into containers, at both doors, to reinforce good behaviors.  It is helping a lot with the come command, we still need to work on greeting guests.  (Sadie will sit for the treat, then tackle the guest!)

See how pretty her sit is!  🙂

The thing that caught my eye about Mr.Chewy is their referral program.  It just sounded really neat to me.

If you use the promotion code below, YOU save 10% off your total order AND MR.Chewy will donate $10 to the pet charity(s) they support.  They currently support 3 great organizations and I left the default set-up for my account; split all donations equally between the 3 charities.

Save 10% and Mr.Chewy will also donate $10 to charity!

Code: LAUR5660


Sadie’s new thing is to jump onto Marcus and force herself between the computer & his lap!

Marcus bought me a new camera for my birthday… crisp, clear photos to be posted soon!  🙂

Sleep Like A Dog

Sadie had a great January!  The weather has been unseasonably warm and Sadie has enjoyed lots of long walks and backyard play sessions.

Sadie visited the Vet to get blood drawn to renew her heartworm medication.  She is not yet full-grown, but weighed in at a very fit 30 pounds.  The Vet said she was doing great!  We celebrated with a new collar and of course, more bones!  😉

We are still working on the proper greetings (aka no jumping) and ALWAYS coming when called, but her obedience is going well.

Sadie also hit a mini-milestone… drum roll please…

She no longer sleeps in her cage at night!!  Sadie loves the new sleeping arrangement.

I bought her a new bed with sides for her head.  It sits where her cage was, next to our bed.  She spends most of the night in her bed and usually jumps up on our bed for an early morning snuggle.  I get a cold nose wake-up call when it’s breakfast time.  🙂

Her old bed was moved into the office.  She usually keeps us company when we work on the computer.

She still has a cage in our family room that she goes into when we leave the house.  We haven’t started letting her have run of the house, yet…

Sadie has some exciting plans for February… we’ll keep you all updated.  Have a good week!

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.  ~Carrie Snow

Thanksgiving, a 1st Birthday and Christmas


Sadie spent a week playing with her buddy, Gideon, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I snapped this photo when I went looking for her after dinner one evening.

So much fun during the day, made her an excellent sleeper!


oh, yum!

Mom! Put the camera down and give me my gift!

Sadie loves squeaky tennis balls!

Plays "Happy Birthday" when she bites it.


For me?!?

Santa brought Sadie a squeaking dinosaur, a squeaking lizard, busy bones and bully sticks!

Best Christmas present was 3 full days playing with Dad!

After breakfast, Marcus, Sadie and I headed out to Forest Park.  The golf course was closed for the holiday, but you are allowed to walk it and play for free.  While Marcus played, Sadie had the opportunity to run off leash on the course.

I did hold her back while Marcus swung his clubs.

Then, she was allowed to run, run, run.  She has a good recall and loves the open spaces!

We quickly discovered that I needed to hold her during the putting, too.  She wanted to steal Marcus’ golf ball… she thought it was a game for her, too.  🙂

Let me at it!!!

It was a wonderful morning wrapped up with a pleasant open-window car ride home…

to lots of naps!  😉

Happy Holidays!  We wish you all health and happiness in 2012!

Clean Bill of Health!

The Vet called Friday afternoon with great news…

The growths on Sadie’s paw are caused by a harmless, puppy virus.  It will clear up in a month or so and is not contagious.

He said it was unusual to find the growth on her paw, but the biopsy confirmed it was nothing to worry about.  Yeah!

We celebrated the good news with a backyard play session!  The area they took the biopsy from is healing well and she is walking, running and playing like usual.

I recently printed all the pictures I have taken of Sadie to put into her puppy scrapbook.

I made two albums for Daisy and it is great to look through them and remember all the joy she brought us.

I have plans to get started on the album this week… rainy fall days are great for scrappin!

I saw this at Target and couldn’t pass it up.

Sadie’s first Christmas ornament!  It holds a photo and has the year engraved on the small heart.  I love ornaments that hold photos!

I also bought her Christmas stocking.  It has bells all over the top and I ironed her name down the front.

We are all set to spoil her with gifts!  😉