Trying A New Puppy Food

I spent some time yesterday researching a new puppy food.  Sadie’s new vet recommended we switch to a puppy blend.  She agreed with the other vet that an All-Stages dog food is not good for puppies.  She said the brand didn’t matter, but it had to be a puppy blend.  So, back to the dog food review web sites.  After an hour or two of reading, I went to Pet Smart to see what they carried.  I want a good dog food, but not one that will break the bank.  I bought one bag of Wellness Puppy food.  Then I stopped by the local specialty pet store.  I spoke to the woman working and she recommended this Holistic Select food.  Their prices are normally the same as the Pet Smart prices, but currently the food is 46% off!  Sold!  I decided to try the Holistic and return the Wellness.  Holistic is a 4 star brands on Dog Food Advisor, so I feel good about trying it and seeing how Sadie responds.  I’m switching over gradually so she won’t have any digestive issues.  I have 1/3 of the bag of the old dog food left, so there is no rush to switch.  I’ll take about 10 days to switch over.

Here are some more photos from our park walks… Sadie is going to LOVE the lake house!

Sadie chased this bird into the tree.  She watched it for a while, hoping it would come down and play!?!

Sadie really wanted this stick ~ok, branch.  She eventually gave up in search for something more her size.  🙂

Sadie has been doing very well in the car.  No car sickness and mostly good behavior.  She loves to stick her head out the window and doesn’t understand that it is only ok when there are 2 people in the car.  Mom can’t drive and let her hang out the window!

We have a 9 hour drive home for Easter.  Here’s hoping for a smooth trip!