Sadie and Gideon

My parents brought Gideon outside to greet Sadie.  Sadie was a little intimidated by Gideon’s size, but she quickly warmed up.  After a lot of hello sniffing, Sadie was ready to play.  Gideon was originally bred to be a service dog, but he just didn’t want to “work”.  We could tell that playing was a little foreign to Gideon.  Sadie taught him lots of cool games.  One of her favorites is chase around the yard.  Gideon liked chase, but Sadie has more energy and Gideon eventually tired out.

Come on! Play with me!

Sadie used to play tug with her siblings and tried to play with Gideon.  He did not understand, but Sadie was persistent.

See, you pull one way, and I'll pull the other.

Yeah, now you're getting it!

Sadie’s puppy energy was intense.  Gideon is truly a gentle giant.  He put up with a lot of ruff-housing from our little lady.

We could tell that he quickly grew to love Sadie.  When she would lay on the couch, he would bring a toy over to her to initiate the tug game.

With Sadie still teething, she had to have her daily chewy.  I wanted to make sure the 2 dogs didn’t fight over the delicious treats, so I gave Sadie her bully stick and Gideon got a large raw hide.  They both looked at the chew they were given and the chew the other was given and then proceeded to drop their own chew and traded for the other.  It was the funniest thing I’ve seen!

That raw hide was bigger than Sadie!

Pictures don’t lie.  These two became fast friends!  Gideon was sharing his toys and bed by the end of day 2.

My parents’ cat was not so happy with Sadie.  Calvin thought Sadie was the worst!  Sadie thought Calvin was a dog and kept trying to play with him.  He was ready for her to leave by the end of day 2!  🙂