The Gift of Making People Smile

It has been a very busy week!  Sadie is growing like a weed!  We have another Vet appointment on Monday.  I’m interested to see her weight.  🙂  I’m also going to be asking about when she will get her rabies vaccine and finding out more about her spay.  I am not totally “sold” on her current Vet, so I have some more questions before I feel good about him doing her spay.

I noticed some dandruff on her this week.  I read that puppies get dry skin because their oil glands are not yet fully developed.  Brushing helps distribute their oils and reduces puppy dandruff.  I have not been brushing Sadie since I shaved her down – time to start!  Blueberries made it simple.  We also had another successful nail clipping session.  I’ve brushed her everyday.  Her coat is glossy, but she still has some dandruff.  I’m keeping my eye on it.

Tuesday night I went to our first puppy class.  It was owners only – no pups.  We met the trainer, got some basic instructions and homework for the week.  It’s a bit of a drive from our home, but I’m really happy with the trainer and her teaching methods.  I’m really excited to see Sadie meet some new puppy friends and learn the obedience commands!  🙂

For this week, I started walking Sadie on the gentle walker harness.  She was walking well on just her collar, but she was pulling a little when we were on the street heading back to our house.  The harness helps with the pulling, the leash attaches to the front and when she pulls, she gets turned sideways and looks back at me. To get her used to the harness, I put it on her and then we played frisbee.  Once she forgot about the harness, we left for a walk.  It was great!

On our walks this week, I noticed how Sadie has the gift of making people smile. It is fun to watch strangers see us walking and they instantly smile at her.  There was a woman I noticed sitting at a red light.  She looked miserable, then she looked up and saw Sadie and a huge grin appeared on her face.  Same thing happens with people we cross while walking in the park, too.  Some people stop and ask to pet her.  We spent about 5 minutes visiting with an older gentleman walking with his nurse.  He just loved Sadie.  It makes me so happy to see how such a small interaction can make both Sadie & the other person so happy.

The other “puppy school homework” was the Touch command with the clicker.

You are supposed to use a highly loved treat for the reward.  I’ll go to class with something really yummy, but at home, I’m sticking to fruits.  This week, I added diced strawberries.  Can you tell she’s ready to train!  🙂

She learned Touch very quickly.  With touch, I lower my hand, palm out, and say TOUCH.  When she touches my hand, I click, then treat.  Apparently, this is a basic command that we will use for come, sit, etc.

After our training sessions, we end with play sessions!  Off to play some more!  Have a great weekend!


Pedicure for the pooch

Saturday’s spring clean up was very successful.  4 bags of sticks and leaves were set out at the curb.  Playing with Sadie in a stick free yard is so much easier!  🙂  Totally worth the hours of yard work!

Since the chores were completed Saturday, we played all day Sunday in the yard!  It was in the 80’s yesterday and Sadie loves playing outside.

Marcus commented about how Sadie’s nails were really sharp, so I decided it was time to give her a pedicure.  I could not cut Daisy’s nails.  We had to take her to the vet to have them cut.  She hated it.   So, I was nervous to try to cut Sadie’s nails.

We were outside playing while Marcus was washing the cars.  Sadie was pretty calm from all the outdoor play.  I decided to seize the moment.  I got a small dish of blueberries, a pair of scissors and the nail clippers.

Sadie loves blueberries.  They are a great treat (low-cal/low-fat) and they take a few moments for her to eat.

We sat in a chair in the backyard with the blueberries next to us.  I laid her on her back, her head on my knees.  I gave her a blueberry for letting me touch her foot.  She ate it and laid there.  I started by trimming the hair around her foot pads.  She let me trim all four feet with no issues.  I would give her a blueberry after a few cuts and then continue.

I was nervous when it was time to cut the nails.  They were long & sharp… it needed to be done.  I am really lucky… all of her nails are pink.  It is really easy to see the blood vessel in each nail.

The vet suggested nail clippers that look like the picture above.  They were comfortable in my hands and cut the nail very easily.  Sadie let me cut all of her nails with no issue!

After every 2 nails, I gave Sadie a blueberry and continued cutting.  She was tired (cooperative) and loving the treats.  I gave her 3 blueberries when we were all done and we played with the frisbee as a final reward.

Today I am going to get her used to the electric clippers.  I shaved Daisy myself after a few bad groomer experiences.  I bought a quality pair of clippers and taught myself how to give a ‘springer field cut’.  It is surprisingly easy to do and I’ve paid for the clippers multiple times over.

It’s supposed to be in the 80’s again today!  Off to enjoy this wonderful weather!  Happy Monday!