New Camera, Same Beautiful Springer

I am totally on the fence about my new camera.  It’s a DSLR and I think it will take great pictures, but it is huge!  I have been playing around with it and getting some good shots, but I’m not sure it is what I really want.  The proof will be in the prints.

A huge down side to the camera is size.  It is not easy to keep with you everywhere.  This is a great example; the camera was in the bag, in the house and I missed Sadie swimming in my parents fish pond.  I caught the after shot.  Boo!

Sadie had a great time at our cottage this past week.  I have many more swimming shots to come!  😉


The Pure Joy of Swimming

Cottage creatures… what’s the saying… where there are frogs, there are snakes!

Try not to think about it… that’s what I do!  🙂

Sadie really loves the water!  If she could, she would swim all day long!


Notice the Kong toy in her mouth?

Where’s the toy?  Sadie is not really into fetch.  She loves to chase after toys, but she tends to leave them “out there”.

After a while, Sadie would literally swim right over the toy, but would not bring it back.

That was when we discovered she just wanted to swim.

I know this picture does not really show much, but it makes me laugh just thinking of what it is!

Sadie wags her tail, under water, while swimming!

It is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  She absolutely loves to swim for the pure joy of swimming.

Sadie would jump in and swim back and forth across the lake.  Love her!

Temperature did not bother Sadie, either.  We had a few cloudy, cool days.  See me?  Dressed for fall.  I’m watching Sadie swim!

Sadie loves looking out windows.  We have low windows at the cottage and Marcus got a great picture of Sadie watching the bunnies!

It was sad to close the cottage up for the winter, but Sadie is looking forward to some spring, polar bear temperature, swimming!

Dog Days of Summer

When my parents left, my Mom left behind a huge treat for Sadie.  She spent a week enjoying the peanut butter stuffed bone.

I spent a little while cleaning up the cottage to prepare for Marcus to arrive.  I went looking for Sadie when I realized she wasn’t following me around.  Here is where I found her… best chair in the cottage!  She was enjoying the view!  🙂

When Marcus arrived, Sadie was excited to show him all her new swimming abilities!  She got deeper and farther out as the vacation continued.  Our routine was a long walk in the morning followed by a swim to cool off.

Followed by a hard nap in the afternoon-evening!  🙂

Cottage Country Canine

This is the life!  Do we have to go home?

Sadie loved the cottage!  Everything about cottage life agreed with Sadie.  Long walks to sniff out wildlife, swimming, running the property, tons of treats and plenty of friends!

My parents and Gideon were the first guests of the season.  Gideon is a black lab and he was a natural in the water.

Sadie watched Gideon retrieve the water toys from the water’s edge.  She would chase him through the property and then stop in the shallow water.  Eventually she walked deeper and deeper until she started swimming on her own.  It was the coolest thing to watch.

She didn’t really need the life jacket, but I put it on her the first few times just to be safe.  She was wearing it when Marcus and I took her out on the fishing boat.  That came in handy… she jumped out of the boat to play in the water and the life jacket made it very easy to lift her back into the boat.  🙂

We really saw the agility genes shine on this trip.  Sadie LOVES to sprint around our property.  She created a course around the cottage that involves circling the large garden, jumping down the small retaining wall, and making various turns around the water’s edge.  She would steal Gideon’s tennis ball to get him to chase her through her course.

And of course they enjoyed plenty of treats from my Mom!

More from our cottage vacation tomorrow.  Today we are trying not to melt… 115 is the predicted high today.

We went to the dog park early this morning but it was still so hot Sadie mostly socialized with the other dogs and did little running.  I tried to buy her a kiddie pool today, but Target only had inflatable pools.  Stay cool, eh?!!