Sleep Like A Dog

Sadie had a great January!  The weather has been unseasonably warm and Sadie has enjoyed lots of long walks and backyard play sessions.

Sadie visited the Vet to get blood drawn to renew her heartworm medication.  She is not yet full-grown, but weighed in at a very fit 30 pounds.  The Vet said she was doing great!  We celebrated with a new collar and of course, more bones!  😉

We are still working on the proper greetings (aka no jumping) and ALWAYS coming when called, but her obedience is going well.

Sadie also hit a mini-milestone… drum roll please…

She no longer sleeps in her cage at night!!  Sadie loves the new sleeping arrangement.

I bought her a new bed with sides for her head.  It sits where her cage was, next to our bed.  She spends most of the night in her bed and usually jumps up on our bed for an early morning snuggle.  I get a cold nose wake-up call when it’s breakfast time.  🙂

Her old bed was moved into the office.  She usually keeps us company when we work on the computer.

She still has a cage in our family room that she goes into when we leave the house.  We haven’t started letting her have run of the house, yet…

Sadie has some exciting plans for February… we’ll keep you all updated.  Have a good week!

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.  ~Carrie Snow


Keep Your Sense Of Humor!

Sadie is the Poochie Star of the Month!

Poochie Bells sent Sadie an awesome All American Dog collar that she will wear proudly this summer.  She needs to grow into it and I think it’ll fit her in time for the 4th of July!  🙂  Thanks Poochie Bells!

The bells continue to be wonderful.  We continue to be accident free!  Well, almost accident free.  Keep reading.  :)-

The weather was wonderful this weekend.  90 degrees yesterday!  Sadie loves hanging out in the back yard.  She usually “plays” with our neighbor dogs through the fence, but yesterday she went over and played with them on the same side!  It was a great first meeting, but we kept it short.  Our neighbors have 2 big dogs, one is a bull-dog that was nice, but wanted to mount Sadie.  He was following her around and she eventually looked through the fence like I think I want to go back into my yard.

Sadie had a lot of exercise this weekend.  She was exhausted by the time we left to go over to a friend’s house for a dinner party.  We were gone just under 4 hours.  She should have slept the entire time.

As you can see, she destroyed her bed.  She somehow unzipped the cover and shredded the foam mattress.  I know she is teething badly.  I am hoping that this is a phase that will leave with her puppy teeth.  It’s just funny that she had chew toys and stuffed animals in her crate, but chose to destroy the bed.  We are back to a towel and sheet for her bedding.  I am only putting in one animal (she uses it like a pillow) and one chew toy.

I feel confident that Saturday’s crate problem was not anxiety because I left her for 3 hours on Thursday and she was great.  I know we can leave her and she won’t freak out, I think this is just a puppy teething issue.  I hope.  🙂

I’m sticking to the plan – just keep putting her in the crate & make sure there isn’t anything in there she can kill herself with and it will work out. Puppyhood isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

Speaking of not easy, there are moments in raising a puppy when you need to stop and breath and remind yourself that she is a puppy and is not doing  ____  just to spite you.  I had a moment just like that on Sunday.  It was hot and our windows were open, so I decided a sheet in Sadie’s bed would be cooler for her.  I added one to the downstairs bed and she went right in and laid down.  So I went upstairs to lay a sheet on that bed, too.  While up there, I pulled her bed out and wanted to check to see if she has had any pee accidents in there.  I felt like the cover smelled a little in one spot.  Maybe not a full accident, but a little leak while waiting for the door to open in the middle of the night.  I took the cover off and smelled the actual bed.  It didn’t smell at all.  I dropped it on the laundry room floor and was looking at the cover trying to figure out if it was leak proof and may have protected the actual bed.  I was thinking how puppies have better noses than we do and I need to wash the bed if it has any pee in it.  I looked down and there was Sadie – peeing on the bed!  She had woken up and come upstairs.  Nooooooooooooooooooo!


Reality check.  She’s a young puppy.  Accidents happen.  Life is good.  Focus on the big picture.

The bed was pretty big.  It was Daisy’s bed and old enough that I didn’t want to deal with trying to fit it in the washing machine and dealing with the spin cycle, etc.  I washed the cover, but threw out the stuffing.  When she gets older, I’ll buy pillow stuffing  to give her a new, clean bed.  For now, both crates have towels & sheets.  Easy to wash while we survive these puppy months!  🙂