Puppy Walks

Yesterday was another great day with Sadie!

We started off our morning running a few errands (drive-thru bank, dry cleaner, etc.) and then we went for a walk in the park.  The walk was even better than the last!

Sadie met a golden retriever and splashed in the stream with him.  It was a great social interaction for her.

I have to make a confession…I have been walking Sadie for 40+ minutes on our walks.  Apparently, that is too long for a dog under the age of 18 months.  Who knew?!

The trainer ‘scolded’ another parent for taking her puppy on a 5 mile walk.  She said no more than 10 minutes at a time.  What!?!  10 minutes?!?

I can see how 5 miles is a bit much, but 10 minutes?  I’d have to walk Sadie every hour.  🙂

Sadie seems to do well on our walks.  I will scale it back to 30 minutes, twice a day.  But I know she would bounce off the walls with just 10 minute walks. Let’s not forget this face!

Other than the walking times, the trip to puppy school was great!  The ‘mean’ dog was absent and Sadie played really well with all the puppies!  Sadie was used as an example, for another parent, as the perfect body for a dog.  The parent had to feel Sadie to see the difference between the body fat on Sadie and her over-weight pooch.  Sadie’s self-esteem went through the roof!  😉

The current challenge I have for the next few days is keeping Sadie off the grass as much as possible.  When Sadie & I returned home from the park yesterday, I found a man fertilizing our lawn!  Um, Hello?  Who are you?

I have been washing her paws with a damp rag when we come back into the house.  The trouble is that she still puts a lot of stuff in her mouth.  The forecast claims rain on Friday.  I’ll be going to the park again today so we don’t have to play on our yard.  Annoying, but too late to do anything about it.  Roll with the punches!  🙂