New Camera, Same Beautiful Springer

I am totally on the fence about my new camera.  It’s a DSLR and I think it will take great pictures, but it is huge!  I have been playing around with it and getting some good shots, but I’m not sure it is what I really want.  The proof will be in the prints.

A huge down side to the camera is size.  It is not easy to keep with you everywhere.  This is a great example; the camera was in the bag, in the house and I missed Sadie swimming in my parents fish pond.  I caught the after shot.  Boo!

Sadie had a great time at our cottage this past week.  I have many more swimming shots to come!  😉


Beauty Day

Friday Sadie had her second grooming session.  It went so well!

I decided to groom her in the garage on this table.  I was hoping the height of the table would keep her more contained then grooming on the ground.  It did!  She was so well-behaved.

Sadie allowed me to trim her feet with both scissors and the electric clippers.  I also used the electric clippers to trim her tail and bum area and her head and neck.  I used the scissors to trim the length of her ears.

I tried to keep the session positive and as short as possible.  She got a little squirmy towards the end, but it was a very successful session.

Luckily she is young and doesn’t need a lot of body trimming.

I am so glad I invested in my own clippers!  I saved $35 on a puppy package and know that Sadie had a good experience.

She’s showing you her cute little bum!  🙂

I kept her ears spaniel-like, but trimmed them up to the leather.  Keeps them drier when she drinks her water.

After the grooming session, Sadie got a yummy biscuit and then a frisbee play session.

Mom, stop taking my picture, and throw the frisbee!!

A Day of Firsts

Sadie Jane

It has been an exciting and exhausting 24 hours!  I forgot how much work a puppy really is… but it is totally worth it!

A recap of Day 1.

Our drive up to Chicago was very easy thanks to “nice” weather.  No snow storms or ice made the 5 hours easy… of course Marcus did all the driving!

We are very happy we selected this specific breeder!  I can not express enough the importance of doing your research!  We loved Daisy, but we continue to notice huge difference between Daisy and Sadie.  We can tell Sadie is much healthier {read – full of energy}!  🙂

If you haven’t guessed, we named her Sadie Jane.  She is already answering to her name.  She is so smart!

Our drive home was easy too.  Sadie was a little sad for the first half hour… she was crying from the separation.  I gave her a toy the breeder gave us with familiar smells to ease her.  It didn’t really work.  Then I grabbed a big stuffed elephant that I brought from home (it used to be Daisy’s).  She instantly quieted down.  I’m not sure why but it worked and she slept on him the entire ride home.

When we arrived home she explored the yard and house.  We had a fun play session outside.  I am amazed at how smart she is.  I tossed the frisbee and told her to go get it.  She chased after it.  I told her to bring it back and she picked it up and brought it back!  We did this for 10 minutes.  I see agility in our future!  🙂

Then we had our first bath.  She did not love that.  She tried to escape a few times, but eventually she realized it was going to happen and cooperated.

Then she discovered all her toys!  Oh what fun!

She was rolling around going from toy to toy.  These pictures were all taken during one play session.  She loves the variety.

She also thinks she’s tough!  She really likes to pounce on this bull and drag him around the room.

Bed time was a little rough, but I can tell it will get better each night.  She does sleep in a crate at night.  The crate is in our bedroom.  This was the first night for Sadie to not have her siblings to cuddle and sleep with.  She did not like the separation.  We let her cry for a while, but it got loud and sounded like a panic attack.  I know the importance of the crate, but I also want her to feel safe.  So, we turned on the TV, took her out and put her on our bed.  She calmed down and had a chance to see we were in the room with her crate.  She feel asleep on the bed and I then put her back in the crate.  Didn’t work.  She was quite for a minute or two and then started crying again… loudly.  The crate was across the bedroom.  I decided to move my bedside table and put the crate next to my side of the bed.  Her crate was covered except for a section that would allow Sadie to see me.  I put her back in the crate with the TV on.  She whined for a minute or two and then settled down.  10 minutes later we turned off the TV and everyone slept! Ah, success!  She woke up 4 hours later and I took her out to potty.  Not bad, I know it will get better as she gets older and can hold her bladder longer.