Freezy Pups

I’ve been looking at homemade dog treat recipes for a few weeks.  Specifically, frozen treats.  The high temperatures pushed me to buy this kit.

I like the size of treat it makes and that it fits perfectly in my freezer without rearranging everything all ready in it!  😉

The kit also comes with 4 different flavored pup-sicles to make.  White Cheddar Cheese, Banana Honey, Sweet Potato ‘n Maple, and Chicken Soup.  They are super easy and fast to make.  I just added boiling water to the powder mix, poured into the tray and then put in the freezer.  And, I love that I know all of the ingredients in these mixes… no strange chemicals.

I made the Sweet Potato ‘n Maple first.  The ingredients were just that – sweet potato and maple syrup.

Sadie enjoys them outside because of the melty mess they could make.

Sadie loves them!  I give her a few each day, while we enjoy the hot summer weather.

I have plans to use the tray with the homemade recipes I have been collecting, too.   I’ll let you know how those recipes go over with the princess.  🙂

Yum! More please!