Spirited and Spunky

Day 2 was full of play sessions, little bits of behavior training and lots of naps.

We are practicing potty outside, coming to her name and chewing on toys, not hands.

Sadie is teething and her toys are really helping her release energy and fulfill the need to chew.

Sadie loves to run with a toy in her mouth.  She is really attracted to sticks and leaves when we are outside.  I am constantly taking sticks out of her mouth and giving her a chew toy instead.  I don’t want her to get a splinter or weird obstruction due to eating sticks.

I was losing the battle of the stick “game”, so I decided it was time to clean up the yard.  We had a lot of little sticks and seeds fall during the ice storms this winter.  While Sadie was taking a nap, I went outside a raked up all the tree seeds (kinda like acorns) and picked up all the branches.

Our afternoon play sessions were much easier.

This toy is a water kong.  We would toss it and Sadie would run after it and drag it around the yard.

During another nap, I made a trip to Pet Smart to buy an ID tag for Sadie.

I picked one with her name on one side and our contact information on the other.  Years ago, I read an article about increasing your chances of a lost dog being returned.  It recommended adding this one word on your pet ID tag – REWARD.  It turns out that a stranger is more likely to call you if they see this incentive.  Luckily, we never tested the theory with Daisy and I don’t plan to test it with Sadie, but I’d pay a reward in a heart beat for a safe return, so I added it below our phone number.  Sadie also has a micro-chip.  It is a great back-up if a dog gets lost and loses their ID tags, too.

Bed time was much better.  A little whining, but I put my fingers into her crate and she snuggled up next to them and feel asleep.  4 solid hours then a potty break.  She woke up with some energy and didn’t want to sleep.  I put her back in and heard her chewing on her rubber bone… she was a little restless for a while.  We did have severe storms roll through during the night.  The good news – the thunder and lightning did not bother Sadie at all.  The bad news…

A new batch of branches and seeds fell during the storm.  Sadie was so excited this morning!  🙂