Cottage Country Canine

This is the life!  Do we have to go home?

Sadie loved the cottage!  Everything about cottage life agreed with Sadie.  Long walks to sniff out wildlife, swimming, running the property, tons of treats and plenty of friends!

My parents and Gideon were the first guests of the season.  Gideon is a black lab and he was a natural in the water.

Sadie watched Gideon retrieve the water toys from the water’s edge.  She would chase him through the property and then stop in the shallow water.  Eventually she walked deeper and deeper until she started swimming on her own.  It was the coolest thing to watch.

She didn’t really need the life jacket, but I put it on her the first few times just to be safe.  She was wearing it when Marcus and I took her out on the fishing boat.  That came in handy… she jumped out of the boat to play in the water and the life jacket made it very easy to lift her back into the boat.  🙂

We really saw the agility genes shine on this trip.  Sadie LOVES to sprint around our property.  She created a course around the cottage that involves circling the large garden, jumping down the small retaining wall, and making various turns around the water’s edge.  She would steal Gideon’s tennis ball to get him to chase her through her course.

And of course they enjoyed plenty of treats from my Mom!

More from our cottage vacation tomorrow.  Today we are trying not to melt… 115 is the predicted high today.

We went to the dog park early this morning but it was still so hot Sadie mostly socialized with the other dogs and did little running.  I tried to buy her a kiddie pool today, but Target only had inflatable pools.  Stay cool, eh?!!