When Life Gives You Lemons

Ask for Salt & Tequila!

Just wanted to give you a small snicker at work.  🙂

The lemon joke actually has to do with how we keep Daisy’s memory alive.

Daisy 2004 - 2010

A Meyer Lemon Tree.  Marcus had the idea to get a potted tree / plant to remember Daisy.  We move around a lot, so we knew the plant would have to be mobile.  I did some research and selected the Improved Meyer Lemon tree because it is a good house plant that has fragrant blossoms all winter and produces tasty lemons.  I wanted something more than a boring green plant.   I chose a screaming yellow pot to put the tree in because it makes me smile.  It is bright and cheerful and totally reminds me of Daisy.  The Meyer Lemon tree was a great choice!   The blooms throw off the most wonderful fragrance!  I recommend the tree for anyone interested in blooming plants or growing citrus.   And I have big plans for those lemons!

We have 6+ lemons growing! And fresh blossoms, too!

100 Things to do with Meyer Lemons


Oh, the yummy recipes!

Do you have a fork?

This is where I’m starting with my first lemons.  Martha Stewart’s sweet-tart delights!  I LOVE Lemon Meringue Pie!!


And this website has a ton of collected Meyer Lemon recipes.


We remember Daisy each time we get a whiff of a blossom and I know we will think fondly of her each time we use a lemon.