Summertime Fun

Sadie is having a blast this summer!  I need to do a better job taking pictures and making time to blog!  It was much easier to blog with snow & rain!  🙂

I have been “sitting” on these pictures… afraid of the jinx.  Ha!

I bought Sadie a plush Kong dog bed for her upstairs crate because she has been accident free for months.

Sadie likes plush and she also likes pillows for her head… this bed has both.  She loves it!  I also changed her downstairs crate to a thick blanket.  She is also accident free when we leave during the day, but sometimes she chews on her blanket (in a teething way, not destructive) and I’m not confident she wouldn’t destroy a bed just teething.  Lets not forget the last new bed I bought!

Sadie is loving the summer fruit!

Sadie still loves to play with Dougan’s toys when he drops them over the fence!

I took this picture during a keep-away game when I was trying to get the ball back for Dougan.

I have been taking Sadie to the dog park a few times a week.  We go in the morning, when the weather is not yet in the 100’s! 🙂

Sadie really likes to go and socialize with her new friends.