Summertime Fun

Sadie is having a blast this summer!  I need to do a better job taking pictures and making time to blog!  It was much easier to blog with snow & rain!  🙂

I have been “sitting” on these pictures… afraid of the jinx.  Ha!

I bought Sadie a plush Kong dog bed for her upstairs crate because she has been accident free for months.

Sadie likes plush and she also likes pillows for her head… this bed has both.  She loves it!  I also changed her downstairs crate to a thick blanket.  She is also accident free when we leave during the day, but sometimes she chews on her blanket (in a teething way, not destructive) and I’m not confident she wouldn’t destroy a bed just teething.  Lets not forget the last new bed I bought!

Sadie is loving the summer fruit!

Sadie still loves to play with Dougan’s toys when he drops them over the fence!

I took this picture during a keep-away game when I was trying to get the ball back for Dougan.

I have been taking Sadie to the dog park a few times a week.  We go in the morning, when the weather is not yet in the 100’s! 🙂

Sadie really likes to go and socialize with her new friends.


The Graduate!

No cap and gown here.  Just yummy biscuits, happy puppies and proud parents!

Sadie had her final puppy class and passed her S.T.A.R. test!  We crammed all weekend and the efforts paid off!

We celebrated with more puppy play!

I’m interested in continuing her training, but I want to find a closer trainer.

The puppy class was good and I liked the trainer, but it was a 45 minute drive during rush hour to make the class.

I’m going to look for a trainer in my area that offers agility classes.

Who’s the Boss???


1. (of an immoral or illegal act or omission) Intentional; deliberate.
2. Having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects.
Sadie just discovered the other couch in our family room.  She often jumps up and lays there.  She looks a little miffed if you sit on her couch.   This is Sadie staring me down while I sit in her favorite spot.   🙂
I officially HATE training treat bags!  The trainer told us we HAD to use one in class.  So, I bought one.  My dog is way too cleaver for this bag!  We are supposed to train with the bag and clicker.  So, I had it on my pocket today, with the clicker, while we went on our walk.  Sadie used to be the best walker… now, she is constantly jumping up at the treat bag.  I can’t walk two steps without her jumping up on my hip.  Our afternoon walk was VERY short.  I tried again in the evening, trying to click and treat for nice walking.  Nope.  It was a disaster.  I was getting so frustrated I turned around and went home after only 3 houses.  I wanted to scream, but I understand that Sadie is confused.  She smells treats, knows they are in the bag.  She thinks it’s all a game.
Look at this face!  This is what she looked like when we got back into the house and I was at the end of my leash!  🙂
I took a deep breath and took her into the back yard to play fetch to burn off her energy… and calm me down.
I am only using the treat bag in class.  No more home use.  My old system was much more effective.
And, I’m really questioning the clicker.
Banging head against wall.
I’ll leave you with a few shots I captured of Sadie during a feisty barking play session.
This is how I felt dragging Sadie home from our failed walk!  🙂

Beginning of Obedience Training

Friday was another successful day with Sadie.  She loves her walks and play sessions.  This is how I found her in the afternoon.  She got tired waiting for me, and curled up next to my shoes!  🙂

Come on, let's go play!

We started some basic obedience training today.  We have not done any formal training for sit, stay, come, etc.

I “loaded” the clicker today and we worked on sit and stay.  Sit is easy for Sadie, she does it automatically.

Good Sit!

I’m not so sure about the clicker tool.  The trainer has it listed in the items to bring to class.  We start formal puppy school at the end of the month.  I’ll let you know if we end up using it.

It was another fun-filled day for us.  During an afternoon nap, Sadie stretched and rolled off the couch onto the floor!  She put her head down and kept sleeping!!!

I’m off to Home Depot.  I’m losing the battle with the stick eater… I need some yard clippings bags and I’m sure I’ll leave with some other goodies. 🙂  I have big plans to clean up the spring debris today!

What’s in a Name?

I am participating in a Pet Blogger Hop today!  I’m hoping to find new & fun pet blogs to follow and to have more readers for my blog.

I figured a good blog topic for today would be Naming our new Lady.

How many do you see? 3 boys & 3 girls!

She comes home in a few weeks and we still don’t have a name for her.  And that is the first question everyone asks!

I’m looking for suggestions.

We have discussed the places we’ve lived and traveled to, funny names, serious names – you name it, we’ve considered it.  The problem… being a former teacher.  After teaching for 10 years, I can associate almost any name with a “strong-willed” child.  For the few names I do not have an association with, Marcus ruins with: I knew a girl in high school that was… you fill in the blank.  🙂

And we are not really into the cute, pet names like “Fluffy”.  Difficult, I know.

We literally named Daisy, in the car, on the drive out to get her.  It’s like we need the pressure of a deadline to make the decision.

I’ve been on a thousand web sites looking at names and the meanings of names.

I want to keep it 2 syllables, because they say that is best for the dog.

She was born 2 days before Christmas… so that’s an option… but we don’t really want cheesy.

I love to read (thought about calling her Kindle!), scrapbook and exercise.

Marcus LOVES golf  – lets be honest, he loves all sports!  We are both University of Michigan football fans!  GO BLUE!

I’m stuck and need new, fresh ideas.  Help! Save our puppy from being called Puppy!  Ha!

Oh, yum! Lunch!