What’s in a Name?

I am participating in a Pet Blogger Hop today!  I’m hoping to find new & fun pet blogs to follow and to have more readers for my blog.

I figured a good blog topic for today would be Naming our new Lady.

How many do you see? 3 boys & 3 girls!

She comes home in a few weeks and we still don’t have a name for her.  And that is the first question everyone asks!

I’m looking for suggestions.

We have discussed the places we’ve lived and traveled to, funny names, serious names – you name it, we’ve considered it.  The problem… being a former teacher.  After teaching for 10 years, I can associate almost any name with a “strong-willed” child.  For the few names I do not have an association with, Marcus ruins with: I knew a girl in high school that was… you fill in the blank.  🙂

And we are not really into the cute, pet names like “Fluffy”.  Difficult, I know.

We literally named Daisy, in the car, on the drive out to get her.  It’s like we need the pressure of a deadline to make the decision.

I’ve been on a thousand web sites looking at names and the meanings of names.

I want to keep it 2 syllables, because they say that is best for the dog.

She was born 2 days before Christmas… so that’s an option… but we don’t really want cheesy.

I love to read (thought about calling her Kindle!), scrapbook and exercise.

Marcus LOVES golf  – lets be honest, he loves all sports!  We are both University of Michigan football fans!  GO BLUE!

I’m stuck and need new, fresh ideas.  Help! Save our puppy from being called Puppy!  Ha!

Oh, yum! Lunch!