The Pure Joy of Swimming

Cottage creatures… what’s the saying… where there are frogs, there are snakes!

Try not to think about it… that’s what I do!  🙂

Sadie really loves the water!  If she could, she would swim all day long!


Notice the Kong toy in her mouth?

Where’s the toy?  Sadie is not really into fetch.  She loves to chase after toys, but she tends to leave them “out there”.

After a while, Sadie would literally swim right over the toy, but would not bring it back.

That was when we discovered she just wanted to swim.

I know this picture does not really show much, but it makes me laugh just thinking of what it is!

Sadie wags her tail, under water, while swimming!

It is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  She absolutely loves to swim for the pure joy of swimming.

Sadie would jump in and swim back and forth across the lake.  Love her!

Temperature did not bother Sadie, either.  We had a few cloudy, cool days.  See me?  Dressed for fall.  I’m watching Sadie swim!

Sadie loves looking out windows.  We have low windows at the cottage and Marcus got a great picture of Sadie watching the bunnies!

It was sad to close the cottage up for the winter, but Sadie is looking forward to some spring, polar bear temperature, swimming!


Walking, Swimming & Sharing

We had a fun-filled weekend!  I took both Sadie & Gideon on a walk (by myself) Saturday morning.  I was nervous at first, not sure how easy it was going to be with 2 dogs and 2 separate retractable leashes.  I took one quick (and blurry) picture before we left.

The walk was a breeze!  They both walk really well together and it was a great alternative to the busy weekend dog park.

Marcus joined us for 2 more walks over the weekend and they loved the neighborhood strolls!

As you may recall, Sadie has an antler chew.  She has really been into chewing it in the afternoon.  I love it because she can chew for a while with little destruction to the antler and then she walks away satisfied.

Gideon found the antler and really liked it… Sadie did not like sharing at all!  She would walk over to him and take it away from him.  It was really funny to watch considering he is 3 times her size!  Gideon really is a gentle giant.  He is so patient and tolerant of her puppy energy and behaviors.

As a reward to Gideon for his kind behavior with our little monster, I went out a bought Gideon his own (larger) antler.

Sadie took it from him!  Oh the nerve of her!

I took it back and made Sadie chew her antler and gave Gideon his back.

They both stood up, exchanged antlers and then laid back down and chewed away!

By Saturday evening, both Gideon & Sadie were “dog-tired”.

Gideon went into his crate to sleep and Sadie assumed her normal snuggle position with Marcus.  🙂

I give both Sadie & Gideon a chewy once a day.  Sadie enjoys her’s on the family room rug.

Gideon takes his into his crate.  No sharing with the puppy for this treat!

Sunday was another “heat advisory” day… hot and humid and 105.  After our morning walk, we let the pooches cool off in the pool!

Sadie was cautious at first.

And just like learning to swim, she watched Gideon splash around and then followed his lead.

She really loved the “water fountain”.

Along with standing, splashing and laying in the pool, the also dropped their tennis balls in and bobbed them out.  It was really entertaining to watch them play.  They both loved the pool!

Happy Exhaustion!

Two dogs Are Better Than One

Gideon & Sadie spent a good amount of yesterday playing in the backyard.  Chase & catching tennis balls were the games of choice.  The temperatures were still very warm, so when I brought them inside to cool down, the playing continued.

Tug is their favorite indoor game.

The toy basket is on the other side of this couch.  They played with EVERY toy Sadie has!

What do you want to play with next?!?

Notice Gideon is standing in this picture…

As the evening went on, Gideon laid down while Sadie continued to play with him.  Puppy energy trumps size.  🙂


There was ‘ruff’ housing, of course.

For a while, both dogs laid on their backs, biting a toy between them!  They had me laughing all night.

Resting together by the back door.

And, total exhaustion for Gideon.

Today, I took both of them to the dog park.  They had fun running with other dogs and then I spent awhile throwing balls for them to chase & bring back.

Currently, both are fast asleep – for now.  😉

Fresh New Toys!

Sadie chewed thru the top of her puppy Kong, so I stopped by the pet store to buy her a new Kong and I left with a bonus Kong toy!

What did you get me, Mom?!?

She is old enough to have the red “dog” Kong.  She likes the harder rubber of this toy.  I am sure it will get a lot of use in the coming days.

I also bought this Kong Knots toy.  Sadie loves to play tug and it felt really durable.

She LOVES it!!!

It has rope knots inside the body, instead of stuffing.

And, it has handles on each end to tug with.

Sadie and I each give it 5 stars!  It’s a buy!  😉

Sadie and I have a visitor… Gideon!  He has come to stay with us for a few weeks while my parents go on vacation.  Sadie is over-the-moon!

Summertime Fun

Sadie is having a blast this summer!  I need to do a better job taking pictures and making time to blog!  It was much easier to blog with snow & rain!  🙂

I have been “sitting” on these pictures… afraid of the jinx.  Ha!

I bought Sadie a plush Kong dog bed for her upstairs crate because she has been accident free for months.

Sadie likes plush and she also likes pillows for her head… this bed has both.  She loves it!  I also changed her downstairs crate to a thick blanket.  She is also accident free when we leave during the day, but sometimes she chews on her blanket (in a teething way, not destructive) and I’m not confident she wouldn’t destroy a bed just teething.  Lets not forget the last new bed I bought!

Sadie is loving the summer fruit!

Sadie still loves to play with Dougan’s toys when he drops them over the fence!

I took this picture during a keep-away game when I was trying to get the ball back for Dougan.

I have been taking Sadie to the dog park a few times a week.  We go in the morning, when the weather is not yet in the 100’s! 🙂

Sadie really likes to go and socialize with her new friends.

Rest & Recuperate

Sadie has been doing very well recovering from her spay and dental surgery.

We did not need the cone at all.  She has left her incision alone and it is healing nicely.

Sadie has been resting well most of the weekend.  The weather was warm and sunny and she was content to just lay in the shade.  She would get a spurt of energy and want to run or play, but I think her soreness kept her in check.  I would bring her outside a few times a day to potty and lounge around and that seemed to work well.

Sadie had these two yummy cookie treats to enjoy this weekend, too.  She loves cookies as much as I do!  But, these are from the doggy bakery in town.

Sadie is still teething a lot, despite the oral surgery.  Chewing helps tire her out during this recovery-rest period.  She spent a while chewing this rawhide and then slept for a few hours.

The doggy bakery suggested this Himalayan Dog Chew as an alternative to rawhide and bully sticks.  The owner said it would last longer than both and it was healthier, too.  It is made from Yaks milk… smells like cheese.

As you can see, Sadie loved it!  She spent an hour chewing it and then I took it away from her to give her teeth a break.  She was bleeding a little from the teething and surgery (which is normal & expected) and I decided an hour was long enough for today.  She slept like a champ after that session!

The only down side to this chewy is it is messy.  I moved her from the couch to the floor to outside to enjoy the chew.

I had to wash the blanket on the couch because it smelled like cheese.  🙂  And, I had to vacuum the floor because there were little shavings all over.  It may be just how Sadie enjoys it… either way, what began as an indoor chew became an outdoor treat.

I will buy another chew for her.  She loved it, I like the short ingredient list and it lasted 4 long chew sessions over the weekend.

There are wicked storms in STL right now, so we can’t sit outside.  Sadie was starting to get a little stir-crazy earlier today.

After her breakfast nap, Sadie took all of her toys out of the basket to relieve some energy. It worked, but as she continues to heal, I think it may get harder to keep her resting.

Currently, Sadie is sleeping next to me, oblivious to the thunder.

Two more days of rest before we can start walking and playing.

Finders Keepers

This is Dougan.  He lives next door.  He likes to put his paws on the top of the fence and drop his toy on our side so that I will toss it back to him.  He gets jealous watching me play with Sadie.  This is what I found when I joined Sadie in the backyard yesterday.

What is he looking at?

Sadie having a blast playing with his toy!

Hi Mom, look what I found!

When I told Sadie that was Dougan’s toy and we need to give it back, she picked it up and ran around the yard.  It was too big to run with effectively, she was dropping it and pouncing on it along the way.

She eventually walked the toy back to Dougan.  I tossed it to him and all was right with the world.

I guarantee that if I bought that exact toy she wouldn’t give it a second look… but because it was Dougan’s she thought it was the greatest ball ever!  😉

Sadie and Gideon

My parents brought Gideon outside to greet Sadie.  Sadie was a little intimidated by Gideon’s size, but she quickly warmed up.  After a lot of hello sniffing, Sadie was ready to play.  Gideon was originally bred to be a service dog, but he just didn’t want to “work”.  We could tell that playing was a little foreign to Gideon.  Sadie taught him lots of cool games.  One of her favorites is chase around the yard.  Gideon liked chase, but Sadie has more energy and Gideon eventually tired out.

Come on! Play with me!

Sadie used to play tug with her siblings and tried to play with Gideon.  He did not understand, but Sadie was persistent.

See, you pull one way, and I'll pull the other.

Yeah, now you're getting it!

Sadie’s puppy energy was intense.  Gideon is truly a gentle giant.  He put up with a lot of ruff-housing from our little lady.

We could tell that he quickly grew to love Sadie.  When she would lay on the couch, he would bring a toy over to her to initiate the tug game.

With Sadie still teething, she had to have her daily chewy.  I wanted to make sure the 2 dogs didn’t fight over the delicious treats, so I gave Sadie her bully stick and Gideon got a large raw hide.  They both looked at the chew they were given and the chew the other was given and then proceeded to drop their own chew and traded for the other.  It was the funniest thing I’ve seen!

That raw hide was bigger than Sadie!

Pictures don’t lie.  These two became fast friends!  Gideon was sharing his toys and bed by the end of day 2.

My parents’ cat was not so happy with Sadie.  Calvin thought Sadie was the worst!  Sadie thought Calvin was a dog and kept trying to play with him.  He was ready for her to leave by the end of day 2!  🙂

Puppy Play

Don’t be fooled, this is a stuffed English Springer Spaniel we bought at FAO years ago.  Sadie loves to run across our bedroom and pounce on it.  She plays with it like it’s a real dog… really entertaining to watch.

The weather continues to be warm and sunny here, so we had a number of outside play sessions.  Sadie made friends (through the fence) with our two neighbor dogs.  She runs up and down our fence line with a black lab and loves every minute of it!  She’s not so sure about the bulldog… he’s a little too barky.

The carrot pieces I used as treats today in our training sessions worked really well.

We practiced 3 separate times today.  Short sessions for the first 2, maybe 10 minutes each, and the last session was 30 minutes.  She got better and better after each experience.  No loud crying, still some whimpering, but much more calm and relaxed.

I like the idea of carrots because it takes her a while to chew and eat them so I can get back out of the room before she notices and they have much fewer calories and fat than traditional treats.

Basically I put her in the crate and told her to be quite (nice, but stern) and I left the room.  I went out of sight and waited 15 seconds.  Then I returned with a carrot piece and told her ‘good girl’ and ‘be quiet’, then I left again.  I increased the time gone by 15 additional seconds each time.  I stopped at 2 minutes away for the first session.  I repeated the same concept the second time but I stared at 30 seconds and repeated 2 minutes more frequently.  She whimpered, but quieted down and laid down, too.   I was happy with her progress, when I put her in the play area with a chewy, while I prepared dinner.  She eventually realized I was gone and stated to whimper.  I told her ‘quiet’ from the kitchen and she settled down.  After 15 minutes I rewarded her with a carrot piece and went back to finishing up in the kitchen.  When I was done I gave her a final carrot and let her out with the ‘good girl’ praise.

A few more days and I think she’ll be good on her own while I run errands and miles.  🙂

Sadie had a few good evening play sessions with this guy.  We call him Jack (the rabbit).  It really wiped the excess energy out of her!  I’m hoping it translates into a good night’s sleep for all of us!  🙂

Future puppy owners, I totally recommend this toy.  It’s called a Kong Wubba.  Brilliant!!  It has 4 ‘tails’ that are great for teething puppies.

I wrote this post last night and I wanted to add how the night went.  It was great!  I did expand her crate size because she likes to stretch out when she sleeps and she hasn’t peed in the crate at night.  She was tired when we went to bed.  She still got up twice, but we had solid, quite sleeping hours in between the potty breaks!