Sadie Is My Co-Pilot

Sadie and I made the long drive from Missouri to Michigan to visit family & friends.

It was a slow start when my low tire pressure light came on 45 minutes into the trip.  I pulled off the highway into a truck gas station.  No signs of a flat, but of course I didn’t have a tire pressure gauge to see how low I actually was.  The gas station did not have an air machine, so I got back on the highway to see if the light would stay on or go out.  We had a significant temperature change over night and I was hoping all was fine.  After about 5 minutes of driving the light was still shinning brightly and I happened to be passing an exit with a well-marked Midas, so I pulled off the highway and asked them to check it out.  I brought Sadie into the shop with me and explained I was 1 hour into a 9 hour trip to visit family.  Sadie was like a magic wand!  The car was quickly pulled in and looked at.  I was back on the road 10 minutes later with the proper air pressure in my tires.  No charge!  🙂

The rest of the 9 hour trip was uneventful.  It was a very long day, but Sadie was a great traveling companion.

This is Sadie stretched out in the back seat.  We stopped for gas, lunch and a potty break a few hours into the trip.  She ate well and went right back to sleep.

Sadie would move up into the front seat for a change of location and to play with her toys.  I lowered the back of the front seat all the way down so it rested on the back seat.  Sadie was able to use that as a bridge to move between the front and back seats.  It made the long drive easier for Sadie to stretch and play.

When we crossed the state line and entered Michigan, Sadie got a bit restless.  I pulled out my secret weapon – a bully stick!  She chewed for 45 minutes and then we stopped for gas and dinner.  I wanted to feed her dinner because I knew she’d be too excited to eat when we got to my parent’s house.

She had a great visit to Michigan and I have tons of pictures to share!  Check back this week to see Sadie playing with Gideon, Scooter and Chloe.

Our trip back to Missouri was even easier than the trip to Michigan… no tire pressure troubles!  It was still a long day, but Sadie seemed to enjoy the uninterrupted sleep time!  She had a fun-filled week with all her new doggy friends and family!