Playing with the Kids

Uncle Marcus loves to golf in the morning and fish in the afternoon and evening.  Our nephew, Jackson, asked 100 times when Uncle Marcus would be home to take him fishing the first day they were visiting!

While we waited for Uncle Marcus to finish golfing, Sadie distracted the kids with a little water play.

Notice our niece, Hadley, playing with Sadie’s tail… Chloe doesn’t have a tail and the kids are really interested in her little stub.

Chloe would only play with Sadie on land, she isn’t really excited about the water.  I was really annoyed with my camera at this point in the vacation and have no good pictures of Chloe & Sadie running the property.  Like Gideon, Sadie had Chloe running her agility course, too.

There is a very good reason for our niece Nola’s crying face… See Sadie right below Nola?  Nola used to love Sadie, but, by the end of the vacation, Nola was not Sadie’s biggest fan.

Sadie has a ‘jumping on people when greeting’ problem.  It became very apparent it was a big problem on this trip.  Sadie went to greet Nola, who was very excited to see Sadie, by jumping on her and pushing her over like a bowling pin.  Screams and cries continued for a while.  Nola was not hurt, but it was clear I needed to stop this – fast!

I finished reading the “Idiots guide to dog training” during the week and have been working on Sadie’s recall and jumping.  Today at the dog park, Sadie did not jump on any adults!  Hopefully Nola and Sadie can become friends again!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Jillian, I have a picture of ME with Sadie!


Brave Little Lady

Yesterday was a day full of more ‘firsts’.

I was so happy watching Sadie dragging her toys into her crate and playing with them… on her own.  This was not prompted by me at all.  There was a little sigh of relief from me… this is going to be ok, she likes her crate.  🙂  Yeah!

Sadie also met her first visitors yesterday.  And she loved all the attention.  My “oh, sorry” moment – Sadie picked up a friend’s shoe and ran off into her crate with it.  I guess she was showing them how much she loves her new crate, and shoes!?!

After the exciting morning, Sadie settled into a nice afternoon nap.  She really loves to snuggle up next to you and subtly roll over, asking for a belly rub.

I left Sadie down stairs while I ran up stairs to put the wash into the drier.  I’m still working on building her confidence in being alone.  When I turned around with an arm full of clothes, she was sitting next to my feet!  She has been too little/scared to climb the stairs by herself.  Apparently, she got over the fear!

She demonstrated her new knowledge for me when I took her back down stairs.  I think she loves being able to use the stairs!  We also practiced going down the stairs.

This is a little scary, Mom.

She got a lot more confident going down once Dad came home from work.  She charged down the stairs after him… ‘hey, wait for me, Dad!’

I am really glad I bought these stair rugs.  I ordered them a few weeks before Sadie’s arrival, knowing she’d struggle slipping on the hardwood treads.

I am tired this morning.  Sadie got all riled up before bed last night {blame Dad} and she was a little upset when it was bedtime.  She settled down after a few minutes of crying, but we need to build in a ‘quiet time’ before we go to bed so she isn’t so hyped up when she goes into her crate.  I’m struggling with our schedule.  I think we play too much in the morning and she sleeps too much in the evening.  She sleeps for a few hours after bedtime, but after her first potty break, she seems ready to be up for the morning.  She’ll go back to bed, but wakes up every hour starting around 3am.  I get up around 5 am with her for breakfast and a she plays with her toys.  I want to change this to more like 6:30am, but it’s hard listening to her cry after 5, knowing Marcus has to go to work in a few hours.  It’s funny seeing her sleep right now… this is what I was craving at 5 this morning!