The Graduate!

No cap and gown here.  Just yummy biscuits, happy puppies and proud parents!

Sadie had her final puppy class and passed her S.T.A.R. test!  We crammed all weekend and the efforts paid off!

We celebrated with more puppy play!

I’m interested in continuing her training, but I want to find a closer trainer.

The puppy class was good and I liked the trainer, but it was a 45 minute drive during rush hour to make the class.

I’m going to look for a trainer in my area that offers agility classes.


3 thoughts on “The Graduate!

  1. Let me know what you find. I think they would be amazing at agility, but would find it difficult on my schedule. I don’t know how casually we could dabble in it. My vet said to wait until 6 months old to begin. Marco weighed in at 23 lbs today…Holy Cow!

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