Little Stinker

Such a cute and innocent face…

Happy with his ball…

Where did Sadie go?

Hey! Give me my ball back!!!

Here, try and get it!

Where did he go?!? Aren’t we playing?!?

I can’t fit under there!!!


The Evolution of Walking a Tight Rope {from Sadie’s perspective}

Sadie has been having a wonderful fall.

Lots of walks and play time.

We just spent the afternoon with her brother, Marco.  They had so much fun together!  I am so bummed I forgot my camera.  Boo Mom!

Sadie has discovered the fun of ‘people watching’ out the front window.  I moved an ottoman under the window sill to give her a comfortable view. Yeah, Mom?!!  🙂

Sadie has a fun trip to Michigan next week and then we start another dog training class when we return home.  I signed us up for a 6 week class to fix all those pesky behaviors, like jumping.  It’s really Mom training, not dog training.

I am really excited about the trainers we will be working with, they specialize in training for certification as therapy dogs in hospitals.  I hope they can help me shape her behaviors so she will be eligible to be a therapy dog once she is old enough.

We are also on a waiting list for an agility training class.  Yeah, waiting list!  Boo!

I hope to get back into regular postings, now that our summer travels are winding down.  Plus, we have lots of new activities to report on!  😉

Michigan Fun

Sadie and Gideon had loads of fun playing in my parents’ back yard… but the real fun was going to the lake!

I was very happy that Sadie did not learn to dig with Gideon.  That is one habit I do not want her to start!

The visit to the lake started with the normal “chase me” game that Sadie loves.

Then Gideon pointed out the water…

and the docks…

and the real fun began!

Then my Dad brought out the tennis balls to toss to Gideon.  Gideon likes to jump off the dock to fetch the ball.

Ball in!

Gideon in!

Sadie charges down the dock???

and swims back to Gideon???

and then Sadie swims the ball back to shore.

This happened over and over again.  She just didn’t seem to understand she could jump off the dock too.

What did I do?

I tossed her in after the ball.  🙂  and she loved it!

One encouraging push by me and she was hooked!

As you can see, she really perfected her dive into the lake.

The only problem… I created a water monster!

She loves it so much, I had to leash her to get her to stay on shore and dry off before we left!  🙂

and then, when we got back to my parents’ house, she assumed their fish pond was for her to swim in too!

Learning to Dock Dive

I forgot the cable that allows me to download pictures to my computer… so I have 2 small pictures taken by my phone. 

I have a ton of great photos to show you all… when I get home.

But, for now, a quick update. 

Sadie learned to dive off a dock into the water!  She loves it!  

Along with running, diving and swimming, Sadie has been relaxing at my parents’ house.  She is having a great summer! 

Off to the cottage later this week for more excitement.